Best Ways to Get From A Paris Airport to the City Center

Best Ways to Get From A Paris Airport to the City Center

Downtown Paris is full of hotels, restaurants and boutiques—dreaming of these luxurious spots while on a plane will have you excited to reach the city’s center after you touch down. As you plan your upcoming trip to the beautiful City of Lights, examine the different options available to get you to the city center.


The best option you’ve got when you’re trying to reach the center of Paris is a taxi. Without having to circumnavigate bus routes and railway maps, you can just tell your driver where you’re headed and be off. You can get dropped off directly in front of your destination instead of having to walk from a station or bus stop. On top of that, you’ll be safe and secure as you make your way there from any of the city’s three airports. A great option for a taxi is T2 Transfer because they offer advanced reservations and incredibly comfortable cars to get you where you’re going. If you’re trying to reach the city center, definitely consider grabbing a taxi over other methods of transportation.


If you really don’t want to take a taxi, a shuttle can be a nice option. Just like a taxi, you’ll have the benefit of being delivered right to your destination. The only problem with this is the fact that you most likely won’t be the only person inside the shuttle that is trying to get somewhere. With others in tow, you’ll have to make some other stops along the way (unless you’re lucky and you’re the first ones dropped off!). These additional stops may take a bit of time, but at least you will be in a warm, comfortable place instead of on a train or a bus.

Public Transportation

For those that prefer public transportation, you have a few different options. The quickest way to reach Paris’ city center is to take the railway. From Charles de Gaulle, you can hop on the RER B right inside the airport. Just head toward in the in the direction of Robinson, Antony and St-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse, which will take you right to the center of the city. From Orly Airport, you’ll need to take the Orlyval to the same RER B then head toward Charles de Gaulle Airport. From Beauvais Airport, take a taxi to the nearby station to catch the TER train, which will deliver you to Gare du Nord in Paris.

Another option is the bus system. Paris’ public bus system will get you to the city center from Charles de Gaulle and from Orly. At Charles de Gaulle, take buses 350 or 351 to get to downtown Paris. The ride through the suburbs will serve as a nice introduction to the outskirts of the city. You have another option from Charles de Gaulle as well. The public Roissybus system, operated as line 352, will also take you to the city center from the airport. If you’re at Orly Airport, take buses 183 or 285 north into the city. There is no public bus that travels all the way from Beauvais, so you’ll have to go with a taxi, shuttle or the rail if you’re flying in there.