How To Get from Charles de Gaulle to Magic Circus Hotel

Wants to get from Charles de Gaulle to Magic Circus Hotel? Check this guide to find out how.

Among the series of cozy hotels based around the magical Disneyland that are welcoming its guests with a touch of local warm French hospitality throughout the year Magic Circus Hotel has also been the first preference of the visitors.

Magic Circus Hotel is located from a fair proximity to the world-famous Paris Disneyland.  In 10 minutes, you can make your visit to Disneyland from the hotel. Located by centering an enchanting atmosphere Magic Circus Hotel has always known as one of the best family friendly hotels.

The hotel features the best comforts and services to facilitate its guests whereas you will be happy to find on site restaurants serving delicious local and international meals, games room, swimming pools, cozy rooms and many more are available in this hotel to make your stay a memorable one.

If you are checking for the best of the options to make your dreamed stay an amazing Magic Circus Hotel can be recommended as one of the incredible options for you to consider your most excited holiday plans.

The next that you may have to have a thought of is arranging your transfers to reach out to the hotel from Charles de Gaulle international airport comfortably, safely and conveniently for an affordable price.

To make your arrangements hope the information that we are listing here will be useful to get ready for your dreamed tour to Paris. Check this out and find the best matching transfer mode for your tour requirements.

Private Taxi from Charles de Gaulle to Magic Circus Hotel

We are going to have a look on how to make you transfers from Charles de Gaulle to Magic Circus Hotel. Getting to a taxi will be the most comfortable, convenient and fastest transfer method that is all direct without stops.

If you are looking for a door to door transfer option taxis are the most reliable option to consider. If you are traveling with kids and elders the best way to arrange your transfers is making your transfers by using private taxis.

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  • 1-3 passengers – € 70
  • 4 passengers – € 75
  • 5 passengers – € 80
  • 6 passengers – € 85
  • 7 passengers – € 90
  • 8 passengers – € 90

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Transfers from CDG Airport to Magic Circus Hotel By Train

The first option that you get to consider to arrange your transfers from Charles de Gaulle airport to Magic Circus Hotel is travel by the train.

If you are wondering if the trains available that are connecting two destinations are direct or not sad to say that there are no direct transfers.

So, if you are traveling with the little one or with elderly citizen or carrying few luggage with you may find the journey will be a little bit difficult as you have to change your connections.

To get into Magic Circus Hotel from Charles de Gaulle international airport the available option at the moment is proceed to Marne la Vallee the nearest railways station to Magic Circus Hotel. But to reach to this station you have to follow the below process.

Once you arrived to Charles Gaulle international airport then you have to proceed to Terminal number 2 where you can get RER B train that is heading to Chatelet les Halles railways station.

It will just take around 5 to 10 minutes to reach to Chatelet ls Halles railways station and from there you have to change your connection to RER A to proceed to Marne la Vallee railway station that in about 40 minutes of time.

This is the railway station that is right close to Disneyland so there are a lot of passengers are getting down from here where you also have to get down in order to go to Magic Circus Hotel.

From Marne la Vallee railways station you can get a taxi or you can get into the free shuttle service arrange by the hotel itself to reach to your dream destination of Magic Circus Hotel.

The total tour duration will be one hour and thirty minutes. The cost of a ticket per adult per one way is 10 Euros and for a kid it will be 10 Euros.

The tickets are available to purchase from online and you can make it on arrival too, but making your reservations prior to the departure will help to save your time and money.

Transfer from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Magic Circus Hotel By Bus

The next available option for you is getting to a bus to from Charles de Gaulle to Magic Circus Hotel. Compared to train options that you get to make your transfers busses are a little bit comfortable option for you as you they are offering you direct transfers from the airport right away to Magic Circus Hotel.

When you arrive to Charles de Gaulle international airport you can find the Terminal number 2 following the detail signs. From there you can find the buses that are heading to Disneyland and the hotels around.

These buses are direct as you can reach to either to Disneyland or to the hotel that you are going to.

The buses that are heading to Disneyland and the hotels located around are called as “Magical shuttle buses”. So, once you reach to Terminal number 2 from there you can get the Magical shuttle bus that will take you to Magic Circus Hotel.

The total time duration for the journey will be take about one hour to conclude the trip and the bus will be stop at every best-known hotel along the tour. The cost of the tour per person per way it will be around 23 Euros and for a kid it will be around 10 Euros.