Orly Airport to Gare de Lyon

How To Get from Orly Airport to Gare de Lyon

Travelling from Orly Airport to Gare de Lyon?

The trip to Paris would be an endless dream that will fill your stay with most beautiful memories and exciting experiences.  If you are planning your stay in Paris, try to add the best possible attractions that will cover in your itinerary.

Paris is known as the romantic capital in the world for many reasons. First, it has earned a timeless recognition from the world for the aesthetic, cultural and historical values presented by the city.

Everywhere you look around has something entertaining you and tempting your tour expectations. Gare de Lyon is one of the most fascinating among the historical monuments that makes Paris the emblem of artistic sophistication.

Gare de Lyon more than just the historical values. The architectural and interior edifice is a mesmerizing presentation that will make you feel worth visiting. Gare de Lyon is known as one of the most famous railways stations in Paris.

Gare de Lyon has become one of the busiest railways stations in France for the daily operations it offers within the country and further outside by connecting many railways stations not just in France, but in many other closer by countries as well.

Gare de Lyon usually facilitates for more than 90 million passengers per year. This is what made the railway station as one of the six large railway lines in Paris belonging to Paris SNCF network. The station offers both services of RER trains and TGV high speed trains.

Gare de Lyon was open in the year of 1849. Therefore, the historical values that the railway station claims made it one of the most classical tourists’ attractions in France. The most famous Train Bleu Restaurant is right based at Gare de Lyon.

The tourists who pass through here would like to stop by at Train Bleu Restaurant and please their appetite for a coffee, beer or trying out a freshly cooked local or an international meal while enjoying the beautiful restaurant where the ceiling is filled with full of Parisian classic paintings done by the famous painters back then.

The railway station is located facing the north bank of spectacular River Seine, so does the aesthetical, historical and commercial values offer by this beautiful railway station is priceless.

You get the access to Gare de Lyon railway station via three major airports. Charles de Gaulle, Orly and Beauvais airports. But it’s most likely that you are arriving to Gare de Lyon via Orly international airport. The airport is based 13 Km away from Paris. Orly international airport most known for offering many international and domestic flight options for its passengers.

If you are planning to make your trip from Orly international airport which is known as the second busiest railways stations in France hope the following travel tips might be helpful for you. check this information and find the most convenient way to make your trip by saving your precious money and time.

Private Taxi from Orly Airport to Gare de Lyon

The most convenient, door to door transfer that you get is traveling by a taxi. It’s all direct and assured pick you whenever and wherever you need to be picked. Traveling by taxi would not make you worry about traveling with kids and carrying luggage with you.

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  • 7 passengers – € 95
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Transfers from Orly Airport to Gare de Lyon by Train

The second option that you get to make your trip is getting to a railway station. most travelers prefer to travel by train considering the affordability and convenience of traveling. Yet, if you arrive to the airport by early morning or late hours finding your departures would be challenging for you.

The second is if you accompany little ones, travel with elders or if you have a lot of luggage to carry traveling from Orly international airport to Gare de Lyon would find difficult for you. Also, if you look for direct transfers, train rides from Orly international airport to Gare de Lyon would disappoint you.

However, if you plan your trip to make it by train you can get into a metro train right from the airport itself. The light metro line that you get at Orly airport name Orlyval. Once you get into an Orlyval line you can proceed to a station name Anthony.

Reaching to Anthony station you have to switch the connection to a RER train and the RER train that you have to get is RER B which will take you to a station name Chatelet les Halles.

Your train journey is not yet end where you have to again change your connection to a RER A train that will proceed to Gare de Lyon railways station.

The total travel duration time will be about 1 hour and it will take about 10 Euros per adult and will charge about 7 Euros for a child.

Transfer from Orly to Gare de Lyon by Bus

The second option that you get to make your trip by public transfers is getting to a public bus. Similar to train options you get the bus transfers find not less convenient as it requires multiple exchanges similar to train options that you get.

To make your trip by bus you have to get into an OrlyBus that departs from Orly airport and the bus will take you to a place name DenfertRochereau. From DenfertRochereau you can get into a bus that is called Metro 6 bus.

By Metro 6 Bus you have to proceed to Nation from where you have to get into a train that will take you to Gare de Lyon. The total time duration for the journey will take from one hour to two depending on the time that you take to change the connection. And the charges would be around 25 Euros for an adult while it takes 15 Euros for a child.