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Pet Taxi Brussels to London

Pet Taxi Brussels to London/London to Brussels

Looking for Pet taxi for Brussels to London? or London to Brussels?

We provide pet taxis from Brussels to London (or any other place within the UK) and from London to Brussels (or any other place in Belgium) through the Eurotunnel from France.

Regardless of how astonishing the airline is, there are always risks with putting your pet in cargo holds. Travelling with your pet is consistently nerve-racking as you have to think of everything including the safety of the pet, travel requirements, vaccinations and many other things.

However what we know is that for both you and I, the end goal is for that pet to get to its location safe and sound.

In this way you can remain with your companion throughout the whole journey or you can travel separately with the reassurance that your animal is safe.

Our Pet Taxi Service From Brussels to London/London to Brussels

Not only do we transport your Pet from the UK to Belgium and from Belgium to the UK, we also transport your Pet in places within the UK or in place within Belgium.

Unlike cabin travel we allow any-sized animals. However, our main transport animals are cats and dogs. Do note that if you have any other animal or pet that you need to travel with please contact us and we will be able to go from there depending on your pet. It can most likely be arranged.

This includes sub-nosed dog and cat breeds (Brachycephalic breeds), which unfortunately numerous airlines currently deny due to their difficulty in breathing.

Airlines like Air France, Air Italia, Lufthansa and Iberia Airlines do not not permit the transport of these breeds anymore.

Pet Taxi From Brussels to London

T2 Transfer will take you straight from your destination in Belgium to your destination in the UK so, Your price will depend on your final destination. Usually, A journey from Brussels to London will take approximately 5-6 hours depending on the traffic levels.

This includes stopping at UK Immigration for you and your pet and as many toilet stops as needed. Note that We will be traveling through France to get to London.

Before you enter the UK, Please make to sure that your pet has been:

  • Microchipped.
  • Vaccinated against rabies – your pet needs proof that it is at least 12 weeks old before vaccinating them for rabies.
  • Treated against tapeworms (dog’s only).

Moreover, your pet will need one of the following documents to enter the UK:

  • An EU pet passport issued in the EU (or in Great Britain if issued before 1 January 2021), or a pet passport from another Part 1 listed third country.
  • The animal health certificate (AHC) issued in Great Britain used to travel to the EU – that you’ll use to re-enter Great Britain for up to 4 months after it was issued.
  • A Great Britain pet health certificate (for travel into Great Britain only).

The requirements above are an absolute necessity when travelling from Paris to London with a dog.

Pet Taxi From London to Brussels

Journey times can vary depending on your destination but the most common from London to brussels is about 5-6 hours determined by traffic levels.

Also we have a door to door service, and for that reason we will take you straight from your destination in the UK to your destination in Belgium.

This includes stopping at border controls where they will check your travel documentation and as many toilet stops as necessary. Again, when travelling from London to Brussels we will be going through France to get there.

So, before you enter France AND Belgium, Please make to sure that your pet is:

  • Microchipped.
  • Vaccinated against rabies – your pet will therefore need proof that your pet’s at least 12 weeks old before vaccinating them.
  • Treated against tapeworms (dog’s only).

Pet transportation information’s

Kindly keep your pets in a carrier throughout the journey, unless they have to be taken out for a toilet stop. If your dog/ animal is a threat to the driver a muzzle must be worn, this is most necessary if the owner is not travelling with the pet.

Please note that we, T2transfer, are not responsible if a pet is refused entry into or transit through a country, so make sure you have everything prepared before travelling. This includes documents, vaccinations etc…


A Pet taxi from Brussels to London or London to Brussels price is 1500 euros which is without Eurotunnel ticket and pet fee. Also your price may also vary depending on your final destination.

We will book Eurotunnel tickets on behalf of you and we provide the Eurotunnel ticket prices on booking day because it varies day by day.

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