Beauvais Airport to Hotel Santa Fe

How To Get from Beauvais Airport to Hotel Santa Fe

Here is a guide on how to travel from Beauvais Airport to Hotel Santa Fe.

If you are looking for a cozy hotel with a unique ambience for a better price Santa Fe hotel is where you should try out to spend the upcoming Disney holiday. Proximity wise the hotel is located from a convenient distance to magical Disneyland is just 20 minutes’ walk away that you would love to hear.

The set up and the ambience projects by the hotel is very unique and sophisticated. The interior and architectural features of the hotel highlight northwest American atmosphere that find very much amazing and amusing. The hotel is located in the Route 66.

There are few reason why most tourist chose Santa Fe for their stay. The hotel is belonging to Disneyland hotel collection and so as the young one and those are young at heart would surely love to spend sometimes at a fancy and magical set up that will surely take you to another world.

Also, the fascinating animation set up is one of the most entertaining and it will inspire any type of guest who visit the hotel. Another plus point that you get from the hotel is it is one of the best known hotel that you get for an affordable price.

Consisting with all the facilities that are much needed for a guest to have an unforgettable stay Hotel Fanta Fe offers everything that you need to ensure you are having a comfortable stay while enjoying unique experience that you can have once in lifetime.

If you are looking for budget airline options to arrive to Hotel Santa Fe probably you can check for famous Beauvais hotel. It is an airport whereas you can find many domestic and international flights offer you lower air fares.

If you are looking forward to make your trips in Paris by make a visit at Hotel Santa Fe to arrive through Beauvais airport this little detail guide will be useful for you to plan your trip to finalize the transfers.

Check on the following travel tips and find out the most convenient way to make your transfers for the best price.

Private Taxi from Beauvais to Hotel Santa Fe

The only method available to make a direct transfer from Beauvais airport to Hotel Santa Fe is getting to a private taxi that is the only one offers you door to door transfers. You will find transfers comfortable and convenient more than the buses and train. And no matter the time that you arrive to the airport your private transfer will be right there to pick you.

Offering you the best rate of 140 Euros your most trusted travel partner T2 Transfer ready to offer you reliable transfer option to make a safe, comfortable and convenient transfer for your stay.

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Current prices are as follows.

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  • 6 passengers – € 155
  • 7 passengers – € 160
  • 8 passengers – € 160

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Transfers From Beauvais Airport to Hotel Santa Fe By Train

Let’s take a look at if you have any plans to travel by train to get from Beauvais airport to Hotel Santa Fe. Most prefer to choose train for traveling considering lower rate that they will get to conclude a trip. But traveling by train from Beauvais airport to Hotel Santa Fe may find difficult, challenging and complicated.

If you are after a long hour’s flight, accompany little ones, elders who need assistance or if you carry heavy luggage with you probably you may find out the fact that trains are not the best option to travel that will make you feel exhausted at the end of the day.

What makes the train journey is complicated? The train journey from Beauvais airport to Santa Fe hotel is not direct whereas you have to keep changing transfer modes and connections to conclude your journey.

You will not find a train station right by the airport. and so as you have to make a little walk, grab a taxi or get into a bus to arrive to the closest railways station name Beauvais railway station name, Gare du Beauvais. From here you can get into a TER train that will take you to a railway station name Gare Du Nord.

Next you can take either RER B or RER D train from here. RER B train will be heading to Chatelet Les Halles while RER D train will take you to a station name Paris Gare du Lyon.

Either way is ok to proceed as both from these two station you can get a RER A train that will proceed to the famous railway station Marne La Vallee Chessy station that is located closer by from magical Disneyland.

To complete the final transfer of your journey you can get a shuttle bus here to arrive to Hotel Santa Fe, get a quick taxi ride or else if you are comfortable you can even take a 20 minutes’ walk from here to arrive to the hotel.

Transfer from Beauvais to Hotel Santa Fe By Bus

The next public transfer option that you will get is getting to a bus and make your trip from Beauvais airport to Hotel Santa Fe. The journey finds less complicated compared to train journey, yet the hassle that you have to go through will still consume your precious time and also the excitement that you had for the trip.

From Beauvais airport you will not get direct bus transfers to proceed to Hotel Santa Fe. Therefore, you will have to change your connection time to time. You have two ways of getting to Hotel Santa Fe by bus. Here we are guiding you on a short way that you can use to arrive to the hotel.

From Beauvais airport you can proceed to closest bus station name Porte Maillot bus station. the bus station offer you frequent bus transfers who provide the services for the passengers who travel from Beauvais to Charles de Gaulle international airport.

The buses that you get from Porte Maillot bus station will direct you to a bus that will pass by the terminals of 2E/ 2F from where you will find the buses name Magical Shuttle service are heading to Disneyland Paris. The journey time from Charles de Gaulle airport to magical Disneyland will be about an hour and you can get down at Santa Fe Hotel.