Charles de Gaulle to Explorers Hotel

How to Get from Charles de Gaulle to Explorers Hotel

Wondering how to get from Charles de Gaulle to Explorers Hotel? Explorers hotel in Disneyland features luxury tourist destination that keep attracting enormous visitors throughout the year. This should have been one of your dream destination that you are planning to cover during your stay in the mind blowing France.

To get into Explorers Hotel many tend to choose Charles de Gaulle international airport for the convenience access it offers from henceforth.

Charles de Gaulle is known as the largest airport in France and the second busiest airport that you can find in Europe region. This may give you an indication about the frequent charters that you can get here and so as you can find convenient transfers from here that will take you to any corner in the country.

If you have a planning to stop by at Explorer hotel for a night or two to explore the magical experience that you can get that is ready to take you to a live Disneyland hope this little guidance will be useful for you. We are planning to share you some tips that you can use for a convenient, and hassle free travel.

There are few ways that you can use to proceed from Charles de Gaulle to Explorers Hotel. And by referring to list you will be learning about how to arrange you trip to proceed to Explorer from Charles de Gualle.

Private Taxi from Charles de Gaulle to Explorers Hotel

Considering the prices most travelers choose public transfer but private taxis always offer the most comfortable and convenient transfer for anyone who prefer to enjoy the best of their stay.

Taxis are a little bit expensive in price compared to public transfers yet they are considering as the most effective and reliable travel solution to save the precious time and so as the money.

Unlike any public transfers taxis also offer door to door services. You just have to come out from the arrival lounge and your taxi will be right there to pick you. Taxis also save good amount of time, and it is a comfortable option as you don’t need to worry about luggage anymore.

Also if you are traveling with family taxis are the safest way to travel without getting contaminated with risky public areas.

If you prefer to travel in taxis to get into your most awaited destination of Explorers hotel from Charles de Gaulle, and looking for professional, convenient and customized transfer option for an affordable price T2 Transfer now offer the best rates for the price of just 65 Euros.

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Taxi Prices From Charles de Gaulle to Explorers Hotel

  • 1-3 passengers – € 65
  • 1-4 passengers – € 70
  • 1-5 passengers – € 75
  • 1-6 passengers – € 80
  • 1-7 passengers – € 85
  • 1-8 passengers – € 85

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Transfers from CDG Airport to Explorers Hotel by Train

“How to reach Explorer hotel from Charles de Gaulle? It is a convenient transfer option that I can get for an affordable price?” this might be some questions that you possibly come to you mind right now.

There are transfer option that you can use to get into Explorer hotel by train, and trains are knowing as one of the mot used and popular transfer option, but if you are looking for a direct option to get from CDG to Explorers Hotel by train sad to say this will not offer a direct option.

By train you can reach to MLV Chessy station from there onward a short shuttle service is ready to take you from the MLV Chessy(Marne La Vallee Chessy) station to Exploerer hotel. From the Terminal 2 at Charles de Gaulle airport you can get into high speed TGV train to proceed to MLV (Marne La Vallee Chessy) Chessy station where you can get a shuttle bus to reach Exploerer Hotel.

Another option that you have is getting to a RER train (a regional train transport system) from Charles de Gaulle airport and it will directly takes you to Disneyland Paris, whereas from there you can get a shuttle bus that is heading to Explorer hotel.

If you are traveling with little ones RER trains are much supportive. RER train will take 1 and half hours to or 2 hours to complete the journey and compared to RER trains, TGV trains offer much faster service whereas it will only takes around 9 minutes to conclude the journey.

The tickets are available to purchase online and making your booking on earliest possible will save your seat and also you may lucky to get cheaper offers as well. If you can log into one of the updated websites about train services that operate in France you can check the train transfer timing via online too.

A ticket of a TGV train is around 30 Euros per adult per way while the RER costs around 16 EUROES. But if you can make the purchase in advance you can get a TGV service for 16 Euros.

Transfer from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Explorers Hotel by Bus

The next available transfer option is to get into a bus. As these are the shuttle services that operates by the hotel you will be finding departure for every 15-20 minutes but these timing will affect the holidays and seasons.

It will take only one to two hours to reach from Charles de Gaulle to Explorers Hotel but these timing may also affect by the weather and traffic conditions.

The buses are convenient and comfortable enough to travel for 1 to 2 hours. And you may get a short nap too if you feel tied right after your long hours flight. The buses have good amenities to comfort your journey and it has enough space for leg rooms too.

The first bus that departs to Explorers hotel from Charles de Gaulle leaves at 8.00am. You will find the transfers that operating from 8.00am to midnight every day.  The ticket prices are as 20 Euros per adult per way while it is 16 Euros for younger one per way.

The buses are a convenient option to consider but if you on a rush and carrying few bigger luggage with little one buses would not be so comfortable option for you.