Charles de Gaulle to B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris

How To Get from Charles de Gaulle to B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris

B&B Hotel Disneyland is known as one of the most demanding hotels from Disneyland hotel list for few reasons. First the location of the hotel is awe-inspiring and favored by those who love a fine combination of peace and serenity. The second what makes the hotel more celebrated is the affordable prices of the package that the hotel offer to make the stay of the customers more memorable one.

The most inspiring of the hotel is the atmosphere. B&B Hotel Disneyland is right facing a tranquil lake that smoothen the visitors’ mind and body more comforting. The geographical formation of the hotel is the most picturesque that get more and more visitors attracted to the hotel every day.  The hotel produces more countryside atmosphere and the setting of the hotel is more influenced by classical French style interior and exterior decors.

The rooms are more family friendly one that has wider space for with comfortable amenities.  B&B Hotel Disneyland hotel ideally suits for those who love relaxing space amidst the warmth of the local hospitality. The hotel is also located from a convenient distance from magical Disneyland.

If you are planning to make your Disneyland stay at B&B Hotel Disneyland all the way from Charles de Gaulle international airport the following insights may guide you to arrange your transfers in advance and get a proper idea in finalizing the most reliable transfer to reach to the hotel.

Private Taxi from Charles de Gaulle to B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris

If you are looking for a door to door transfer only available option is to make your trip by a private taxi. No matter the time you arrive to the airport the transfer that you required to proceed to the hotel will be right there available for you.

Also, if you are traveling with small kids and elders or carrying luggage with you traveling by taxi would be the best option available for you to make your transfer faster, safe, comfortable and convenient one.

To get the best price with reliable transfer solutions T2 Transfer now offer the best price to make your trip a comfortable one all you have to pay is 70 Euros to secure your precious time, money and holiday vibes.

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Prices for the journey are below:

  • 1-3 passengers – € 70
  • 4 passengers – € 75
  • 5 passengers – € 80
  • 6 passengers – € 85
  • 7 passengers – € 90
  • 8 passengers – € 90

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Transfers from CDG Airport to B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris By Train

Most prefer to travel by train assuming the trains are more affordable and convenient transfer mode available to get to your destination. If you plan your transfers via trains follow this information and hope it will give you a better idea about how to proceed from henceforth.

Charles de Gaulle international airport is known as one of the busiest airports in the world and the second largest airport in European region. At this point you might get an idea that the airport should be a larger one where you will need a helping hand to proceed to find your next transfer.

Charles de Gaulle international airport has 3 major terminals whereas they look more complicated with the series of sub terminals. In order to get into your trains transfers  you  should proceed to Terminal number 2 and you might ask for the help from someone or should follow the direction signs to proceed easily to Terminal number 2.

If you would like to make a faster transfer get into a high speed TGV train that will directly proceed to famous Marne La Vallee railway station. TGV high speed will provide direct transfers to the station that is located right next to magical Disneyland.

You may reserve your ticket beforehand to your departure or you can make it on arrival as well. But in order to save some more time and make your travel more comfortable purchase your tickets prior to the departure is the most recommended.

The train times are not so regular. So as if in case you arrive to Charles de Gaulle international airport on late hours rely on TGV trains will ruin your plans, time and money. Therefore, if you make your transfer by TGV trains make sure that your arrival timing are match with departure.

Once you arrive to Marne La Vallee railway station you can get into a shuttle bus or make your transfer by a taxi to proceed to the hotel. The journey time by train will be 9 minutes and the ticket cost for an adult is around 25 Euros to 40 Euros depending on the time that you make your booking.

Transfer from Charles de Gaulle Airport to B&B Hotel Disneyland By Bus

The second option that you have is getting to a bus.  If you are planning to make your transfers by bus you can proceed to the bus station that is located right outside Terminal 2 at Charles de Gaulle international airport.

There is a shuttle service operates for the use of the visitors who travel to Disneyland and related hotels that are located around. This bus is calling as Magical shuttle bus as the bus looks dainty with amusing textures on it.  The bus is providing the transfers for those who visit Disneyland and the hotel located closer by.

The buses are not departing frequently therefore if you arrive to Charles de Gaulle international airport expecting to proceed to B&B Hotel Disneyland would be wasting your precious time, money and holiday moods. Especially, if you are traveling with kids, elders and carrying a lot of luggage traveling by buses would not be a comfortable option for you.

The buses make frequent stops at every other station and location and you might feel exhausted if you are right after a long hour flight.  The duration takes by the bus to arrive to the location will be more than one hour and this timing might be affected by the road and weather conditions.

A ticket for a magical shuttle bus usually cost around 23 Euros and for a child it will be around 10 Euros. You can make your reservation prior to the departure day or in arrival also is possible to make your booking.