How To Get from Charles de Gaulle to Gare du Nord

Travelling from Charles de Gaulle to Gare du Nord?

Gare du Nord is known as one of the top leading tourists’ hubs based in France. If you plan to take any train transfer in Paris you will find the fact that Gare du Nord is being centered to most other train services that are contributing and connecting the France railway network.

Few of the specialties about Gare du Nord is, it is best known as the busiest railway stations not just in France but in Europe region as well. Approximate estimation of how many passengers serve per year is about and above 214 million of passengers. Also, you will get surprised to find that the train station just has about 32 platforms for the use of different train lines.

Gare du Nord railway station is also called by the name of Paris Nord as it based in Paris.  location wise the train station is situated in the number 10 administrative division in France. So as, it allows to serve a large number of passengers by giving easy access to the railway station.

Being one of the six major stations that are belonging to SNFC Paris main trainline network, Gare du Nord offers number of connections and train lines including of RER trains and metro lines. What makes Gare du Nord, one of the largest and busiest railway station in the region is it not just offer domestic train services, but going forward you can also travel towards the outside of France to the destination based in Europe.

The services that operate through Belgium and Netherlands known Thalys and the Eurostar that direct the passengers from London to Paris and so on are processing based on Gare du Nord railway station. If you are planning to make your transfer via the busiest railway station in Paris, Gare du Nord, it is high likely that you will arrive to the station via the second busiest international airport in Europe known as Charles de Gaulle international airport.

The estimated distance in between Charles de Gaulle and Gare du Nord is approximately about 28 Km. If you are planning to proceed to Gare du Nord from Charles de Gaulle international airport, hope this guide may give you some detailed guidance will be helpful enough to plan your trip in arranging your transfers with most comfortable, convenient and reliable transfer options.

Private Taxi from Charles de Gaulle to Gare du Nord

The next available transfer option for you is getting to a private taxi. They are direct and ready to offer you door to door transfers at any given time. You are not required to make any prior reservation, as soon as you make the booking your vehicle will be right pick you from the place that you need to get picked.

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Transfers from CDG Airport to Gare du Nord by train

Let’s take a look at how trains can help you to make your transfers a comfortable safe and a reliable one. Most prefer to check for the availability of training expecting the transfers to be affordable and convenient one.

Yet, if you are traveling with little one, accompanying elders and carrying excessive luggage train would not be so comfortable option to consider for several reasons.

First, you will not find frequent departures from Charles de Gaulle international airport, whereas if in case you arrive late hours expecting a train to depart from Charles de Gaulle international airport, it would simply waste your precious money and time. Second the trains find often crowded so it would not be so comfortable to travel with families. The next challenge you face is traveling with luggage.

You may purchase the ticket on arrival or prior to your departure day. If you are looking for the cheapest options available you may refer to cyber offers that are often update with promotional offers for train tickets.

Usually, a ticket for an adult is costing about 15 Euros and for a kid it will be about 10 Euros. From 5.00 am to till about 00.00 you will find the departures. The duration of the train journey is about 35 minutes.

Once you arrive to Charles de Gaulle international airport you may proceed to the Terminal number 2. From where the trains are departing. The train station is right under Terminal 2.

If you find challenging to find your terminal you may navigate by the direction board or check for information counters or a helping hand to assist you. When you travel by train, be careful for not to miss the train as if you are heading to Gare du Nord to get your train there is a risk that you may not meet the time in you get delay to the transfer.

Transfer from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Gare du Nord by Bus

The next public transfer option available for you is getting to a public bus. From Charles de Gaulle international airport you will find direct buses, those are ready to take you to Gare du Nord railway station.

The available buses and services are called by the names of Roissybus and Le Bus Direct. The two bus services are usually departing from the Terminals of 1, 2 and 3. The total travel duration time is 1 hour and the bus will stop right at Gare du Nord railway station.

The prices of the buses are two different whereas Roissybus is cost about 15 Euros per person while Le Bus Direct charges about 20 Euros per person.