Charles de Gaulle to La Defense

How To Get from Charles de Gaulle to La Defense

Travelling From Charles de Gaulle to La Defense?

A trip to Paris would not be completed if you couldn’t spend sometimes in the mesmeric La Defense. It is known as one of the biggest international tourists’ zones in the world. La Defense is known the largest economical hub in Europe that is attracting enormous visitors who arrive to La Defense for business purpose and also to explore the best tourists’ highlights in the city while enjoying a relaxing and entertaining stay.

La Defense has three communes Courbevoie, Puteaux and Nanterre that make the area recognized as a business district. Everywhere you look around has something interesting for you.

Mainly the sky-high towers, and business places. Grande Arche is known as the emblematic monument based in La Defense. If you are lucky to visit the city by the Christmas you will be happy to join the major events inclusive of Christmas market, La Defense Jazz festival, an ice rink, hosting by the La Defense Esplanade.

If you are planning to visit, Paris makes sure that you keep some space in your travel diaries to discover the best of La Defense. The glory of the city is very much proven by the 19 skyscrapers themselves that the lavish metropolis is presenting. You will find the tallest buildings in Paris at La Defense.

La Defense is an ultimate resemblance of wealth, modernity and prestige that will make you amaze by its largest shopping malls, open air museum, 24 cinemas, 220 stores, 48 luxury dining places, Les Quatre Temps shopping center and many more are lined up to tempt your stay in La Defense.

Apart from that there are about 180 000 estimated workers are traveling back and forth daily that is a fine indication to the immense commercial value that the city claims. With the number of workers and the travelers who is filled at every corner in the city, La Defense looks busy all the time by welcoming and hosting the visitors with the warmth of the local hospitality.

Adding La Defense to your travel plans will give you so much of experiences that you can treasure throughout the time. If you are planning a visit to La Defense and wondering how to get there, first you can arrive to Paris via Charles de Gaulle international airport, known as the second largest airports in Europe and one of the busiest airports in the world.

There is a high chance that you are arriving through Charles de Gaulle. The distance between Charles de Gaulle international airport and La Defense is about 40 Km.

The airport is hosting about 80 million passengers annually. The airport may look daunting for those who visit for the first time as it consists 3 major terminals and a series of sub terminals. Don’t worry these little travel tips are about to guide you how to arrange a reliable transfer to travel from Charles de Gaulle to La Defense. Go through these detailed insights and find the best way to make your trip a comfortable one.

Private Taxi from Charles de Gaulle to La Defense

The only available direct transfer option to make your trip is getting to a private taxi. It’s all direct and offers you door to door transfers.

No matter the time that you are arriving to the airport, taxis will offer you convenient transfers wherever you need and wherever you need. Even if you travel with kids and carrying excessive luggage with you there is nothing to worry your transfers will be right there to assist you.

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Transfers From CDG to La Defense By Train

Most prefer to chose train from all the listed travel modes assuming it offers a budget friendly, and convenient travel options. Traveling by train from Charles de Gaulle to La Defense will find a little challenging for you as you require to change the connections in between.

Also, as there are no frequent transfers if you are arriving to Charles de Gaulle by early hours or late evening you may ended up waiting. The next that you have to consider is traveling with kids, elders and carrying excessive luggage with you. Because, trains may look not so comfortable as there is no direct transfers.

If you are planning to make your trip by train first you have to proceed to Terminal number 2 at Charles de Gaulle international airport.  First you have to get in to a RER B train that is heading to Chatelet le Halles. And then you will proceed to Massy Palaiseau.

Once you arrive to Massy Palaiseau get into a RER A train Cergy Le Haunt and from there to Gare de La Defense. The total travel duration would be about 50 minutes and depending on the time that you take to exchange the connection it would be more.

Transfer From Charles de Gaulle Airport to La Defense By Bus

The alternative option that you get to travel is make your trip by bus. Similar to train options you get buses are not so least convenient.

You will not get direct transfers to proceed to La Defense. The option that you have is getting to an Ouibus from Charles de Gaulle. Yet you get only 3 bus departures per day. So if you couldn’t make it on time it would be challenging to make your trip a hassle free one.

The Ouibus transfers leaves from the Terminals of 2 and 3. And the journey time may take time from one to more than that. You may purchase the tickets on or before your journey. Yet cost wise traveling by bus would be very much affordable as long as you are lucky to get in to the bus on time.