Charles de Gaulle to Villages Nature Paris

How To Get From Charles de Gaulle to Villages Nature Paris

Travelling from Charles de Gaulle to Villages Nature Paris?

Disneyland Paris is surely taking you to a magical world. Most little one and the elders who are young at heart still would like to continue to live in the magical world that they explored at Disneyland Paris.

This is the reason why most hotels located closer by the magical Disneyland allow their guests to have an unforgettable stay surrounded by a Disneyland set up by highlight dainty animation themes that making visiting the magical Disneyland and living in a world with full of fancies bring the guests so much of joys and fun. Villages Nature Paris is also another thematic hotel that is highlighting the Disney world and its fancy ambience.

If you are on a family vacation Villages Nature Paris is one of the greatest places to stop by for a while and have a memorable stay. Surely would be your kids favorite holiday that will help them to make a lot of childhood memories.

The resort highlights woodland theme and also present you five unique themes known as Aqualagoon, Forest of Legends, Lakeside Promenande, BelleVie farm and the Extraordinary Gardens.

The Disneyland Resort Villages Nature Paris is very significant not just for the amiable setting and unparalleled service they offer but also the resort features eco-friendly theme.

The resort offers so much of facilities and amenities to ensure that the guests are having a great time and unique experiences during their stay. You will find everything that you need to entertain your stay right at the site.

Once you chose the resort to make it in Villages Nature Paris the next question that possibly come to your mind is how to arrange the transfers.  If you are planning to make your trip right from the second largest airport in Europe Charles de Gaulle, the little detail travel guide that you will find here will help you to arrange your transfers with zero hassles.

This guide implies to share you some useful travel tips and insights to make your trip a comfortable and convenient one. please go through the following information and find out the most reliable way to make your trip.

Private Taxi from Charles de Gaulle to Villages Nature Paris

If you are looking for door to door transfer option private taxis are the most convenient to make. They offer you direct transfers right from the Charles de Gaulle to Villages Nature Paris.  If you arrive to the airport on late hours’ private taxis will offer you safe, comfortable, convenient and door to door transfers.

Offering you the best price with reliable and customized transfer options T2 Transfer arrange the transfers for 70 Euros to travel from Charles de Gaulle airport to Villages Nature Paris. To reserve your transfers and learn about the customized options that you can get contact T2 Transfer for more information.

T2 Transfer will ensure to make your most awaited transfers more memorable.

Taxi Prices from Charles de Gaulle to Villages Nature Paris

  • 1-3 passengers – € 70
  • 4 passengers – € 75
  • 5 passengers – € 80
  • 6 passengers – € 85
  • 7 passengers – € 90
  • 8 passengers – € 90

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Transfers from CDG Airport to Villages Nature Paris By Train

If you on first time visit through Charles de Gaulle international airport the process of finding the right terminal may find a bit challenging as you have to rush through there major terminals and seven sub terminal. From these you have to proceed to terminal number 2 if you are planning to make your transfer by train.

Most prefer to travel in trains as it find more budget friendly for anyone who are on a tight budget schemes. Yet, trains are not providing door to door direct transfers from Charles de Gaulle international airport to Villages Nature Paris.

Proximity wise the resort is not located far from the Charles de Gaulle international airport. Yet, as you will not find direct transfers you may find the journey is a little bit hectic when you have to carry few luggage with you and accompanying the little one.

You will get two choices to make by a RER trains and TGV high speed trains. From these the RER trains are cheaper yet you have to change the connection in between where you have to get down and transfer to another train.

TGV high speed trains are the faster and the most comfortable as you no need to change the connection in between.  Once you proceed to Terminal 2 at the airport you will find frequent train transfers but there can be long waiting times in between. From 4.50am to 11.50pm the trains are operating.

Depending on the time that you arrive to the airport it is always recommended to pre check the departure schedules right before you finalize the transfers as in case you have a late hour flight it will be challenging for you to find the transfer.

The TGV trains will arrive to the nearest railway station to Magical Disneyland Marne la Valee and from henceforth you can make a little walk, getting to a shuttle bus or grab a taxi to arrive to Villages Nature Paris.

The total journey duration time would be 9 minutes to 45 minutes and the charge would be 25 Euros per adult.

Transfer from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Villages Nature Paris By Bus

If you would like to make your transfer by bus you will get an option to get your bus at Charles De Gaulle international airport. Buses are comfortable and offer you direct transfers to Villages Nature Paris. It is comfortable and have enough convenient space to have some comfortable time till you arrive to the resort.

The buses are known as Magical Shuttle bus as they offer transfers for the passengers’ travel from Charles de Gaulle international airport to magical Disneyland and closer by hotels. The buses are found in between 9.00am to 8.00pm. Also as you will not get frequent bus transfers you might find it challenging if you arrive to airport on late hours.

The ticket price usually cost from 23 Euros for an adult and for a kid it will be around 10 Euros.