Disneyland Paris to Versailles

How to Get from Disneyland Paris to Versailles

Travelling from Disneyland Paris to Versailles? The holiday season is upon us once again and it’s time to travel far and wide. Among top attraction sites in France is Disneyland in Paris and Versailles.

Originally Euro Disney Resort, Disneyland in Paris is filled with several entertainment options. It is a suitable travel destination for the whole family with several attractions.

Disneyland Paris is featured as Disney`s most gorgeous castle park. Visitors love watching Disney illuminations overnight, with Pirates of the Caribbean being another top attraction.

From Disneyland Paris, Versailles city on the western edge of Paris is another attraction site. Versailles is a French city that is renowned for its beautiful palace and the neat gardens. The City is one of the French cities with deep royal roots.

A visit to the palace of Versailles and gardens of Versailles among other top Versailles attractions will be worth once you are done with exploring the Disneyland Wonders.

But how do you transfer from Disneyland Paris to Versailles?

In this article, we shall discuss how to get from Disneyland Paris to Versailles. Keep reading to find out the various options available.

Private Taxi from Disneyland Paris to Versailles

Enjoy the convenience of a private taxi when traveling from Disneyland Paris to Versailles. The T2 Transfer Taxi service is the most reliable transfer service provider from Disneyland to various destinations.

The transfer services provider will ensure you receive a classic treatment. In addition, the company offers you a comfortable and reliable transfer service in a brand-new luxury vehicle.

Choosing the T2 transfer services will ensure you enjoy a private ride from Disneyland Paris to Versailles. Thus, if you are not comfortable sharing a vehicle with other passengers, T2 transfer service is the go-to company to enjoy extra convenience.

T2 Transfer Taxi will pick you up from your hotel or whichever pickup location you want. The company offers you great reliability and convenience and will be there on time to pick you up.

Using the T2 transfer services lets you travel worry-free as you are assured of security and comfort.

The T2 transfer customer support desk is always open for inquiries and you can call at any time you want. In addition, the company accepts payments in Euros, GBP or the US Dollars.

Taxi Prices From Disneyland Paris to Versailles

  • 1-3 passengers – € 110
  • 4 passengers – € 115
  • 5 passengers – € 120
  • 6 passengers – € 125
  • 7 passengers – € 125
  • 8 passengers – € 125

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Transfers from Disneyland Paris to Versailles by Train

You can also choose to travel by train from Disneyland to Versailles. To avoid disappointments, check out the next trains departing from Marne-la-Vallee- Chessy to Versailles – Chantiers on the specific date you are planning to travel.

If you choose to connect from Disneyland Paris to Versailles by train, be ready for more frequent stops. Note that there aren’t any direct trains plying this route.

The average travel time between Disneyland Paris to Versailles by train is 1 Hour and 28 minutes. The fastest journey takes 1 hour and 18 minutes. Every weekday there are 60 trains available.

Over the weekends and the holidays, the journey will take longer. The first train from Disneyland Paris to Versailles leaves at 05:13 local time with the last one departing 23:42 local time.

Transfer from Disneyland Paris to Versailles by Bus

You can also take advantage of bus connections from Disneyland Paris to Versailles. There are also available luxury coaches offering a round-trip transfer. if you choose to travel by the public shuttles, it is advisable that you book the luxury air-conditioned buses.

The departure point for the luxury buses is central Paris with the buses traveling almost daily. Note that the luxury buses often have fixed departure time and so you ought to confirm first before leaving the hotel to the pickup point.

Most travelers choose to book the luxury buses departing in the early afternoon. The buses will navigate the busy city center traffic. On arrival at Versailles, the common drop off point is near the palace of Versailles.

It is advisable that you make the return arrangements early enough to ensure you don’t miss the return coach.

That’s how to get from Disneyland Paris to Versailles. The Taxi service is the most convenient for many travelers.

This is because the taxis are readily available and so you can choose to connect at any time of the day or night.