Gare du Nord to Hotel New York

How to Get from Gare du Nord to Hotel New York

Travelling from Gare du Nord to Hotel New York? New York, New York!!!! That is what you guys will be singing if you are staying at Hotel New York during your Disneyland Paris vacation. The Big Apple is where it all happens.

People like Scrooge McDuck do business here and princesses like Snow White and Aurora love to go shopping. Well, the idea of the Hotel New York is to capture a little bit of that big city living.

One of the best things though is the pools. That is right pools, Hotel New York has two pools one that is indoor and one that is outdoor. These are the largest pools that you will find in any Disneyland Paris hotel.

Thankfully if you are staying at Hotel New York you do not have to make some kind of brutal transatlantic flight as it is much closer to the major stations like Gare du Nord than many people realize. So before you guys know it, you will be hanging out with Mickey, Donald, Goofy and the rest of the gang.

Private Taxi from Gare du Nord to Hotel New York

One of the areas that people forget to plan for when organizing their Disneyland Paris vacation is getting from the station to the hotel. Well if you book a private taxi from Gare du Nord to Hotel New York the good folks at T2 Transfer you are in the safest hands possible.

T2 Transfer takes care of everything for you. They will even greet you at the station with a sign that has your name on it so you are not wandering around for ages looking for a way to get to the hotel.

They only hire the most professional end experienced drivers so you will get to your hotel in the quickest way possible.

You will be traveling in style which is what you want when you are heading to a spot as cool as the Hotel New York at Disneyland Paris.

A T2 Transfer private taxi is the quickest way for you to get from Gare du Nord to Hotel New York. While this is, of course, a huge plus, you have to also look at the other benefits that you get. To start with this is a taxi for just you and your family.

This means that there are no strange people sitting too close to you like you get on the train or the bus. It also means that the space for luggage is only for you! No having to share a cramped luggage compartment with other passengers.

This makes traveling a million times easier. T2 Transfer wants to make things as easy for you as possible and that is why they have a customer service desk that is open 24/7.

On average the travel time from Gare du Nord train station to Disney’s Hotel New York is around 45 minutes, but this does not include any traffic problems.

You can look on the T2 Transfer site right now and book your private taxi as far in advance as you would like. You book now and then pay later, so you do not have to pay until you arrive at the Hotel New York.

Once there you can choose to pay with Euros, Dollars or Pounds.

Current prices are as follows.

  • 1-3 passengers – € 70
  • 4 passengers – € 75
  • 5 passengers – € 80
  • 6 passengers – € 85
  • 7 passengers – € 90
  • 8 passengers – € 95

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Free Baby Seats/Booster Seats! Luggage Free of charge! Price includes Tax charges!

Transfers from Gare du Nord to Hotel New York by Train

The travel time of the train is more than if you are making the Gare du Nord to Hotel New York by car. You can be looking at as much as double the travel time! Now that is not the worst part about using the train.

The worst part is that there is not a direct train. This means that you are going to have to make a couple of changes which is never a fun thing to do in general.

This is especially true when you have kids with you and a couple pieces of luggage! While taking the train is possible it is not exactly the most practical way to start your vacation.

Transfer from Gare du Nord to Hotel New York by Bus

You can get the bus from Gare du Nord to Hotel New York, but is this really the way that you guys want to start your vacation? Mickey, Donald, Minnie, Daisy and the rest of the gang are just as excited to meet you as you are them!

So why wait? The bus takes longer, it is uncomfortable and you have to deal with lots of random passengers who take up the leg room, use all the luggage space and make the whole journey something rather unpleasant.

Taking the bus from Gare du Nord to Hotel New York is just a very stressful way for a family to start their vacation.