Paris To Honfleur

How To Get From Paris To Honfleur

Planning your next visit to enchanting Honfleur from the mesmeric universal capital Paris? Check which transfer will make your journey comfortable, safe and reliable from the below list.

Taxi From Paris To Honfleur

For a convenient, safe, comfortable and reliable trip taxi is the best option that you can choose. There are few favorable points in getting to a taxi and proceed to Honfleur from Paris.

First you are not required to plan your trip in advance by checking the departure schedules. Whenever you are ready, taxi is there to take you to your drop off point.

Most of the time sticking to the departure routines of public transfers may compromise your time and celebration, because you have to plan your entire schedule for not to miss your transfer.

In case you couldn’t get into the train or bus as you planned, there is a risk of you may miss out a lot from the things that you planned in your list.

Considering the safety fact, private transfers is the most advisable transfer mode to select. It keeps you away for a while from contaminating from the risky public. Taxis are speedier than the public transfers.

They give your freedom to stop by whenever you need for a refreshing break or if you would love to stop by to enjoy a picturesque scene.

As the public transfers available that connect Paris and Honfleur are not having direct transfers, getting to a taxi is the most recommended as it will pick you from where you need and will drop you on right at the point.

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Taxi price From Paris To Honfleur:

  • 1-3 passengers – 310 euros
  • 4 passengers – 315 euros
  • 5 passengers – 320 euros
  • 6 passengers – 325 euros
  • 7 passengers – 330 euros
  • 8 passengers – 330 euros

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Paris to Honfleur By Train

Travel by train is the most popular travel option that everyone look into when concluding a journey. If you are looking for the train options available to travel from Paris to Honfleur, you get two options to travel by direct trains and so as you may find the trains that have some stops in between.

However there is no direct train that take you to Honfleur from Paris. For those who would like to travel by train to reach Honfleur from Paris, have to get down from Trouville Deauville station or Le Havre, and from there you can get a bus that takes you to Honfleur.

There are few train companies that operate the journeys between the cities, and mostly all of them having the online sources and related websites that you can refer to and get the relevant information. You it would easy for you to get the detail you need to plan the tour in advance.

The passengers who use train to proceed to Honfleur can get the train from Paris Gare de Lyon, and they can get the train from Paris Gare St Lazare, Gare Montparnasse, Gare de Bercy , Gared’AusterlitzGare de l’Est , and Gare du Nordrailway stations as well.

Most travelers who travel to Honfleur from Paris get the train from Paris Gare de Lyon, Paris thus it has frequent train departures compared to other stations to take you to Honfleur.

The total distance covers by a train journey takes approximately around 103 miles (166Km), and the duration will be 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The prices of the tickets are varied depend on the operator you refer, the day that you make the reservation, and the source that you refer to purchase your ticket.

If you are looking for cheaper ticket stay tune with the relevant sites and they may post the updates when they have the promotions.

The trains are comfortable enough for a 2 hours ride. And the journey is absolutely scenic to capture. Depend on the cabin you chose the amenities that comfort your journey are differ from each.

Usually the exclusive cabins are a bit expensive, yet a greater choice if you travel as a group or with your family by accompanying little ones and senior adults.

Booking in advance always will be helpful in planning the tour, get the cheaper options and so as save your seats.

Paris to Honfleur By Bus

The second preferred public transfer mode that most passenger chose to travel from Paris to Honfleur is bus. If you are searching for a direct bus option that will conveniently take you from Paris to Honfleur, sadly there is no direct buses that are operating between the two cities.

There are other possible ways that you can use to travel from Paris to Honfleur, whereas you can find the bus operators who arrange the departures from Paris to Honfleur with lesser stops. The total distance that covers by bus is approximately around 103 miles (166 KM).

If you are planning to depart from Paris Gare de Lyon you can find frequent buses that takes you to Honfleur and you can get down from Rue des Vases bus station Honfleur and this station is also close by the to the famous city center in Honfleur.

Usually the first bus departs from Paris at 7.15am and the last bus may depart around 7.30pm. The schedules might be varied depend on the weekdays, weekends and holidays and the best way to check on the most convenient schedule that suit you is refer the websites of the tour operators who organize the trips between the cities.

Most of the buses have good amount of amenities that will make sure that you are safe and comfortable. May be you can have a small nap to get a rest for a while till you get down from the next port or maybe you can read a good book or listening to your favorite track. The amenities of the luxury tour operators include Wi-Fi as well.

To check for the lowest fares and get your seats reserved, you can refer to the websites of the bus operators who organize the tours in between the cities.