Beauvais Airport to Magic Circus Hotel

How To Get from Beauvais Airport to Vienna House Magic Circus Paris

Travelling from Beauvais Airport to Vienna House Magic Circus Paris Hotel? Roll up, roll up! If you want to feel the magic of the circus and feel like you are Dumbo putting on a show, The Magic Circus Hotel at Disneyland Paris is perfect for you. What is really cool about the Vienna House Magic Circus Paris Hotel is first of all when you tell the kids this is where they will be staying it really sparks their imagination.

Also, the rooms inside are all themed to look like they are part of the circus. There are bright colors all around, funny shapes and there is even a rumor that Timothy Mouse and Dumbo have been spotted practicing their flying act! With a pool, gym, arcade and much more there is a ton of fun to be had here before you set out into the park for the day.

It can take a little while to get from Beauvais airport to the Magic Circus Hotel, but that just gives the kids more time to sing Disney songs and plan which Disney character they are going to give a high five first.

Private Taxi from Beauvais to Vienna House Magic Circus Paris

The easiest and most hassle free way for your family to make the journey to the Vienna House Magic Circus Paris at Disneyland Paris from Beauvais airport is with the good people at T2 Transfer.

This is the best private taxi firm around and they are all Disney fans so that makes them even cooler! T2 Transfer will pick your family up from the airport and so the kids can feel like VIP (and so you can find them) they will have a sign with your name on it.

The cars that they use are top of the line. They are spacious, comfortable and the drivers are the best around. T2 Transfer use fully licensed and insured drivers that will make sure your journey is as easy as possible.

As this is a private taxi it is just you and your family. There is no sharing leg room with strangers like on a train or bus, there is no fighting for a space to put your luggage.

This taxi is yours and that makes your journey so much easier. Speaking of easy, T2 Transfer offer 24/7 customer service so you can get in touch any time with any questions you may have.

Travel time from Beauvais airport to the Magic Circus Hotel is around 1 hour 45 minutes, but this does not include traffic.

You are free to book your private taxi any time before your vacation, but to make things easier you can pay once you arrive at your hotel. You can pay with Euros, Dollars or Pounds.

The Current Prices Are As Follows:

  • 1-3 passengers – € 125
  • 4 passengers – € 125
  • 5 passengers – € 130
  • 6 passengers – € 135
  • 7 passengers – € 140
  • 8 passengers – € 145

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Free Baby Seats/Booster Seats! Luggage Free of charge! Price includes Tax charges!

Transfers from Beauvais Airport to Vienna House Magic Circus Paris Hotel By Train

Traveling through France on the train is a truly amazing thing. However, traveling on the train from Beauvais airport to Disneyland Paris when you have kids and a bunch of luggage is not a nice time at all. To start with you are looking at well over three hours total travel time.

This is going to make the kids more grouchy than Donald Duck when things are not going his way! In all seriousness, a train journey this long is the last thing you need after you have already been on a plane.

As well as taking over three hours you will be required to make numerous stops, change trains and even walk to different stations because there is no direct train. This sounds horrible if it is just the adults, but when you have kids and a bunch of luggage with you it is even worse.

Transfer from Beauvais to Vienna House Magic Circus Paris by Bus

Much like the train, the bus will take over three hours, in some cases, it can actually take over four hours! Making the kids sit on a hot and uncomfortable bus for a long time, going along winding roads is a recipe for disaster! Not only that as there is no direct bus you are going to have to make many stops and changes.

You may need to use as many as four buses to get from Beauvais airport to Vienna House Magic Circus Paris.

A trip to Disneyland Paris should be all about having fun. It should be taking on Darth Vader on the Star Tours ride, laughing at Stitch during his live show and giving Mickey and Minnie a wave when you see them at the parade. It should not be having to spend hours on a bus!