How To Get from Beauvais Airport to Newport Bay Club

Here is a guide on how to transfer from Beauvais Airport to Newport Bay Club.

Newport Bay Club is such a spectacular ready to offer so much of memorable experiences for the guests who would like to make a stay at Newport Bay Club hotel. The hotel is bringing out your favorite colonial style theme resembling a mansion appears in classical colonial set up. The interior and architectural features of the hotel features 20th century artistic tastes.

The hotel is ideally suit for the tourists who travel with families. Although the hotel is descending from old mansion set ups, the hotel has added series of modern facilities and amenities to make sure that the guests are having a comfortable stay. So as if you are looking for a classical hotel with modern features and facilities Newport Bay Club would be the perfect retreat for your holiday.

The rooms of the hotel are the most fascinating as the interior concepts are inspired by very first Mickey Mouse cartoon Steamboat Willie. Newport Bay Club is located from a convenient distance from the magical Disneyland. If you prefer to take a walk it will just take 15 minutes to arrive to Disneyland from the hotel or even you can take a little taxi ride.

You will have a lot to love in Newport Bay Club. Especially your kids will love to spend some amusing and relaxing time at the hotel with your favorite Disney characters. Newport Bay Club hotel offers a great variety of facilities and amenities at the hotel including indoor and our door pool areas, mouthwatering dining options, gym area, spa, sauna, steam bath and many more.

Newport Bay Club seems busy throughout the year by welcoming and hosting its guests arriving from all over the world with its warm local hospitality that made the hotel a top listed one from family friendly hotels in France.

If you are planning to make your transfers to Newport Bay Club hotel from Beauvais airport the little travel tips that we share here to guide you to arrange your transfers comfortably and conveniently.

Check this list and find out the best transfer methods to make you trip a memorable one.

Private Taxi from Beauvais to Newport Bay Club

The most comfortable and convenient way to make your transfers from Beauvais airport to Newport Bay Club hotel is making it by a private taxi. It will help you to save your precious money and time. And it is the only available direct transfer that will offer you comfortable and convenient transfer service.

Offering you’re the best rate to make your trip safely and comfortably, your most trusted travel partner T2 Transfer ready to offer you hassle free ride from Beauvais airport to Newport Bay Club hotel by just for 140 Euros.

To reserve your transfers then and there or to learn about more information of the customized transfers solutions that you can get contact T2 Transfer right away and get the best for your most awaited tour plan.

Prices for the journey are below:

  • 1-3 passengers – € 140
  • 4 passengers – € 145
  • 5 passengers – € 150
  • 6 passengers – € 155
  • 7 passengers – € 160
  • 8 passengers – € 160

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Transfers from Beauvais Airport to Newport Bay Club By Train

The most affordable transfer option that you get is make your travel by train. Yet, if you are looking for direct and door to door transfers you might be disappointed when you find out that you have to exchange the transfers and connections constantly. And most importantly if you are on a short stay for your holiday traveling by train will waste your precious time and holiday moods as it consumes a lot of time to conclude the trip.

Also if you are traveling with little one and carry few luggage with you traveling by train by changing the connection will ruin your moods and vibes. If you are traveling by train first step that you should follow is proceed to Beauvais railways station. You can make a walk or grab a taxi or travel by bus to arrive here from where you have to take TER train that is proceeding to Gare du Nord.

Once you arrive to Gare du Nord you can get a RER B that will heading to Chatelet-Les Halles or you can get into RER D train that will take you to Paris Gare de Lyon. From wither these two railways station you can get into RER A train that will proceed to Marne la ValleeChessy train station.  this is the railway station that is located on site of Disneyland Paris.

Newport Bay Club hotel is located just 900 meters away from magical Disneyland. So as once you arrive to Disneyland Paris you can get in to taxi to arrive to Newport Bay Club hotel. The total journey duration time may lead from 2 to 4 hours depending on how much time takes for transfers and the cost will be around 32 Euros for an adult.

Transfer from Beauvais Airport to Newport Bay Club By Bus

If you are considering to make your transfers from Beauvais airport to Newport Bay Club hotel by bus the best option available for you is proceed to Charles de Gaulle international airport from Beauvais airport and from there onwards make your trip by Magical shuttle bus.

However, compared to train options available for you traveling by bus will also seems a little bit complicated. You get two choices here either to proceed through Charles de Gaulle international airport and make your transfers through the route of center of Paris.

Once you come out from Beauvais airport you can proceed to Porte Maillot bus station. from this bus station you will find frequent buses that are heading to Charles de Gaulle international airport. The bus belongs to BlaBlaBus bus service will connect you to a shuttle bus will take you to the sub terminals of 2E/2F at where the bus is stopping.

From here you can get Magical shuttle bus that is proceed to Disneyland Paris and the closet bus station from where you can get down is at Santa Fe. From here onwards you can make a little walk or get into a quick taxi that will take you to the hotel.

The total duration for bus journey is 3 to 4 hours depending on transfer timing and the cost will be around 53 Euros for an adult.