Beauvais Airport to Relais Spa Val d'Europe

How To Get from Beauvais to Relais Spa Val d’Europe

How you like to add some luxury to your most awaited holiday? To tick of the top listed one in your bucket list of visiting magical Disneyland and explore the best of romantic Paris in luxury style probably Relias Spa Val d Europe should be the best that matches your travel prospects.

Relias Spa Val d Europe is one of the most celebrated hotels that you will find in Disneyland hotel list that has established in the year of 2009. So as the hotel offer modern set up with local features to ensure that the guests who visit here having a memorable and comfortable time.

Located by centering the excellent base in relaxing atmosphere Relias Spa Val d Europe more favored by the guests arrive on romantic stays, yet is also popular among the families as well. It offers you a convenient distance to explore the amusements parks located closer by.

The hotel is rated as 4 stars for the standards of the facilities, comforts and amenities serves for the guests. If you are looking forward to pamper your most excited tour plans with some spa treatments Relias Spa Val d Europe ready to offer you range of choices.

The hotel presents a delightful set up with a fine blend of culture, elegance and art.  Thus, the vicinity of the hotel is based on such a picture-perfect set up that will make you persuade to capture some of your favorite pictures to treasure lifetime.

Going forward by offering great ambience Relias Spa Val d Europe is also happy to serve you unforgettable experiences in and out the hotel. You will be happy to enjoy delicious international and local cuisines with the warmth of local hospitality. And if you looking forward to revel some shopping sessions, walk around touristic attractions, sipping your favorite coffee, taste fine wines everything that you need is just few minutes’ walk away from you.

Once you plan to make your stay in Relias Spa Val d Europe next that you have to look for is arranging your transfers. Its most likely that you arrive to Relias Spa Val d Europe through Beauvais airport that offer you plenty of domestic and international airline options for affordable rates.

Take a look at the following guide and learn about the best way of arranging your transfers for best rate in best way.

Private Taxi from Beauvais to Relais Spa Val d’Europe

If you want to make a door-to-door transfer think of no other options but to travel by a taxi. This is fastest, safest, comfortable, convenient and direct way to make your trip. It doesn’t matter the time that you arrive to the airport you will be picked without any waiting time to drop you safely at your destination.

Providing your most affordable transfers to make your trip from Beauvais to Relias Spa Val d Europe T2 Transfer ready to offer you reliable transfer options just for the price of 140 Euros.

To reserve your transfers or to learn more about the options that you can have contact T2 Transfer to make your dream tour more a memorable one.

Current prices are as follows.

  • 1-3 passengers – € 140
  • 4 passengers – € 145
  • 5 passengers – € 150
  • 6 passengers – € 155
  • 7 passengers – € 160
  • 8 passengers – € 160

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Transfers from Beauvais Airport to Relais Spa Val d’Europe by Train

Everyone prefers to make the transfers by train assuming they offer best rates with convenient travel options. Yet, when it comes to travel from Beauvais to Relias Spa Val d Europe you may find this in slightly different way as there is a high possibility that you will end up the journey with a lot of disappointments.

Traveling from Beauvais to Relias Spa Val d Europe doesn’t offer you direct train options whereas you have to exchange the connection several times and the journey may involves buses and taxis or probably some walks too. Thus, if you accompany kids and travel with luggage trains would surely be not so the best option for you to consider.

First you have to proceed to Beauvais railway station. You can get in to a taxi or if you wish to make it by bus, you should get into a bus proceed via route 42 to proceed to the railway station. Next from Beauvais airport get into a TER train that will take you to Gare du Nord railways station.

Arriving to Gare to Nord railway stion not still the end of your journey from where you have to take either RER B or RER D train. Both of these two trains arrive to Chatelet de Halles and from here you can get in to RER A train to proceed to Gare de Val d’ Europe train station.  From there you can make a little walk or many be can get into a taxi to reach Relias Spa Val d Europe.

As you see here traveling by train is not so a comfortable option for you that will take more than 2 to 3 hours to conclude the trip depending on how much time take to change the connections.  Also, if you arrive early or late hours you may face challenges as you will not find frequent transfers.

Transfer from Beauvais to Relais Spa Val d’Europe by Bus

The next option that you have is to make your trip by bus. Yet similar to train options you get buses too not so a comfortable and convenient option for you to consider as it involves many exchanges of transfers.

First you should proceed to Porte Maillot bus station by a taxi or by a shuttle bus. Once arrive to Porte Maillot station you should switch to a Le Bus Direct Line 2 that will take you to Charles de Gaulle international airport. Once it arrives to Charles de Gaulle international airport you can get down from Terminal 2 and then take a Roissybus to proceed to Terminal 3.

At the Terminal 3 you can board an Express 20 bus that is heading to Gare de Meaux and at this bus station you can to get into line 69 bus that will take you Gare Val d’Europe bus station.  From here you can make a little walk or get into a taxi to proceed to Relias Spa Val d Europe.

The total travel duration time will be varied from 4 to 5 hours depending on the time that you take to exchange the connection and waiting time.