Beauvais Airport to Hotel l'Elysee Val d'europe

How to Get from Beauvais Airport to Hotel l’Elysee Val d’europe

Travelling from Beauvais Airport to Hotel l’Elysee Val d’europe?

Located right at the heart of fascinating Hotel l’Elysee Val d’europe ready to offer an unforgettable stay for those who love to experience culture and elegance in French style. The hotel is opened for its guests in the year of 2002 as a 4 stars hotel, and ever since the hotel has been able to listed as one of the top most chosen hotels in Paris.

Hotel l’Elysee Val d’europe is found at the center of Val D’ Europe giving access to many leading tourists attractions city and also if you are fond of shopping don’t worry from Hotel l’Elysee Val d’europe you only need to make a few minutes’ walk to reach your favorite spot. It can be a shopping place, tourist attraction, coffee shop or anything Hotel l’Elysee Val d’europe will give you access to anything that you would like to add your vacation.

Hotel l’Elysee Val d’europe is a hotel with character and style that perfectly matches for the luxury tour expectations that you have. All the 152 rooms in Hotel l’Elysee Val d’europe are very unique that adorned with fancy interior concepts. And the hotel setup inspired by a sea life aquarium.

The rooms are equipped with en suite facilities inclusive of satellite tv, WIFI etc. the dining options you get at Hotel l’Elysee Val d’europe is one of the most specific. They are ready to offer anything from local and international cuisines to satisfy the appetites of the guests arrive in Hotel l’Elysee Val d’europe.  You will find on site bars, restaurants and gardens in Hotel l’Elysee Val d’europe.

The reason why Hotel l’Elysee Val d’europe has become one of the most chosen hotels in Paris is the convenient access it gives to many celebrated locations whereas Paris is reachable in 35 minutes, Disneyland is few minutes’ walk away, and the shopping places are right next.

If you are looking for arranging the transfers from Beauvais you get three options to make your transfers by train, bus or by a private taxi. Everyone prefers to have some relaxing time while they are on a tour and transfers play a biggest role among that will make sure to offer you relaxing and hassle-free stay.

Check the following transfer options to find out the most suitable and reliable transfer option to make your tour worth for the time and money that you invest.

Private Taxi from Beauvais to Hotel l’Elysee Val d’europe

The only available transfer option to make your trip comfortably and conveniently is make your transfers by a private taxi. They offer you door-to door transfers. It doesn’t matter the time that you arrive your taxi will pick your wherever and whenever you need to be picked.

Traveling in a taxi will give you zero hassles whereas you no need to worry about travel with little ones and carrying luggage. You taxi will simply take care of everything.

Offering you the best transfers it will just cost 140 Euros to make a comfortable, safe, and convenient transfer from Beauvais to Hotel l’Elysee Val d’europe by T2 Transfer.

To reserve your transfers or to learn about more information contact your most trusted T2 Transfer to make your stay an unforgettable one.

Current prices are as follows.

  • 1-3 passengers – € 140
  • 4 passengers – € 145
  • 5 passengers – € 150
  • 6 passengers – € 155
  • 7 passengers – € 160
  • 8 passengers – € 160

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Transfers from Beauvais Airport to Hotel l’Elysee Val d’europe by Train

Most would love to chose trains as their transfers options for number of benefits it gives. First the affordable costs. second the convenient transfers. Yet, the option that you get to follow in order to make your trip from Beauvais to Hotel l’Elysee Val d’europe seems not for a convenient and comfortable one. And it may also ruin your valuable time and money.

Traveling from Beauvais to Hotel l’Elysee Val d’europe involves a lot of transfer exchanges that may make your tired and fed up at the end of the journey.

Especially if you travel with little ones and elders or if you carry few luggage with you traveling by train would surely be a nightmare. Let’s check how to make your transfers from Beauvais to Hotel l’Elysee Val d’europe by train.

First, you must get into a shuttle or a taxi to proceed to closest railway station. If you take the bus route 42 you can get down at a place that is just 500 meters away from Beauvais railway station. Arriving to Beauvais railway station will direct you to get into a TER train to proceed to Gare du Nord railway station.

Once you arrive to Gare du Nord railways station you can get into either RER B or RER D train. Whichever option you take it’s totally ok as both of the trains will proceed to Chatelet de Halles railway station.

From henceforth you have to get a RER A train that will proceed to Gare de Val d’ Europe train station. Hotel l’Elysee Val d’europe is just few minutes’ walk or drive away from Gare de Val d’ Europe train station.

It will take about 2 to 3 hours of travel duration time to conclude the trip and it might be further changes if your waiting time and train exchange time is varied.

Transfer from Beauvais to Hotel l’Elysee Val d’europe by Bus

The bus options that you have to make your trio from Beauvais to Hotel l’Elysee Val d’europe is not find least complicated to train options you get. It also seems complicated and involves few exchanges of transfers.

The buses you get are not direct. It involves three parts to complete. First you have to make your transfers to Paris city center, then to Charles de Gaulle international airport and next to Val d’ Europe.

The first that you have do is proceed to Porte Maillot station from where you have to switch the bus to a Le Bus Direct line 2 that will take you to Charles de Gaulle international airport. You can get down at Terminal 2 and get into a Roissybus to proceed to Terminal 3.

Terminal 3 is where you have to get into an Express 20 bus that is heading to Gare du Meaux and at the bus station you again have to get into a bus proceed in line 69 that will take you to Gare Val d’ Europe bus station.

The total journey make take from 4 to 5 hours of time or even more depending on the time takes for transfers and waiting timing.