Charles De Gaulle To Calais

How To Get From Charles De Gaulle To Calais

Travelling from Charles de Gaulle to Calais? Calais is a city in northern France located on a place closest to the British Isles, just across the Strait of Dover. And on days with favorable weather, you can see the White Cliffs of Dover located 34 kilometers across the sea.

Through its history, it often served as a strategic location for launching the invasion on the British Isles, and as a point at which the invasions from the other side were arriving. From Julius Cesar’s conquest of Britannia, Saxon, Norman, and later conquests.

Though the city was almost completely raised to the ground during WWII, it has some important historical landmarks that have survived the war.

One of the most notable landmarks is the Eglise Notre-Dame cathedral from the 13th century. Among the notable medieval buildings in Calais, most popular among the visitors are tower Tour de Guet and the Citadel of Calais.

Private Taxi from Charles De Gaulle To Calais

If you are traveling from Charles de Gaulle to Calais, the most comfortable way is by a private taxi. And T2 Transfer is a private taxi company which can offer you the best and safest transportation services.

In a true door to door style, you will be greeted at CDG Airport by your driver, who will help you navigate the airport and quickly get to your vehicle.

Once in your taxi, you can be certain that you will arrive at your exact destination, not requiring additional transfers or expenses as when traveling by public transport.

Your driver will be bilingual, speaking both English and French, and your trip will pass in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

With a fleet of vehicles of various sizes, T2 Transfer can accommodate groups of passengers of almost any size.

Depending on traffic conditions, your trip will last around 2 hours and 45 minutes, and you will spend them in a pleasant atmosphere of a private vehicle.

For booking and any inquiries you may have, T2 transfer have available a 24/7 Customer Service.

Taxi Prices from Charles de Gaulle to Calais

  • 1-3 passengers – € 430
  • 4 passengers – € 435
  • 5 passengers – € 440
  • 6 passengers – € 445
  • 7 passengers – € 450
  • 8 passengers – € 450

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Transfers from CDG to Calais By Train

Traveling to Calais from Charles de Gaulle Airport can be done by train, but it is not the most convenient way to do it. It requires a change from a TGV to a TER train in Lille and comes with the expected issues of shared and insufficient luggage space.

Additionally, once you arrive at Calais, you will need to organize a separate transport to your final destination which only adds costs.

To travel by train to Calais you first need to reach the TGV station near Terminal 2 of CDG. Depending on at which terminal you have arrived, this is best done on foot or by using the CDGVAL automated shuttle car.

From here there are 13 daily TGV departures between 0800 and 2000 to choose from. These trains will take you to Lille Europe train station in Lille, from which there are eight daily departures of TER trains you can use to continue toward Calais.

In Calais, you will at the Calais Frethun train station from which you will need to continue to your destination by bus or taxi.

  • Duration: around 2 hours 45 minutes
  • Cost: Adult single tickets from €75

Transfer from Charles de Gaulle airport to Calais By Bus

Traveling from CDG to Calais can be done by bus, and at the airport, you have the choice of two different bus companies to use.

Of these two the less convenient one is the Flixbus, which has only one departure which is, depending on the day of the week, at 2310 or 0020.

Both are international lines and require a lengthy layover in Belgium, which makes the trip to Calais last eight and a half or 9 and a half hours long.

The second option is the BlaBlaBus, which has one departure in the morning at 0730, eleven departures between 1550 and 2210.

The morning departure features almost 4 hours layover in Lille, while others between two and five hours in Paris.

The afternoon and evening buses will take you to Bercy Seine bus station in Paris city center, from which you will continue your trip after a lengthy wait. By bus, you will arrive at the Calais port, from where you should continue to your destination by some other means.

  • Duration: 6 hours to 9 hours and 35 minutes
  • Cost: Adult single tickets from €17.