Charles de Gaulle To Eiffel Tower

How To Get From Charles de Gaulle To Eiffel Tower

Wants to get from Charles de Gaulle To Eiffel Tower? How could someone forget the iconic landmark that is connecting every corner in the universe? Eiffel Tower is the top listed sight in France that everybody needs to visit.

Probably you may also plan to explore the Eiffel Tower on your very first day that you arrive here.

There are few reasons for travelers to choose Charles de Gaulle airport to proceed to Eiffel Tower. Mainly it is considered as the largest airport in France that operates many number of international and domestic airlines, and so as the travelers get ample choices for convenient travelling.

This guidance is for you to plan your trip all away from Charles de Gaulle to Eiffel Tower by getting the most reliable, safest and the cost friendly transfer.

Private Taxi from Charles de Gaulle to Eiffel Tower

The safest, comfortable and speediest way to travel from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport to Eiffel Tower is getting to a taxi.

There are number of private taxi operators those who provide the transfer services from CDG to Eiffel Tower, yet it is also important to check on a professional service provider in order to get reliable transfer solution.

Getting to a taxi offers varies plus points to you. Mainly you no need to stick to tight schedules in order to get the best out of your trip as you can get a taxi at any given time.

Also, you can directly get into a taxi from right you are at the moment and also get you dropped right there at Eiffel Tower. This will save a lot of time and energy for you, especially when you are traveling with so many luggage.

So as you no need to proceed to stations, checking the schedules, bother to purchase tickets and so on.

The comfort that you get from a private taxi is surely comparative to public transfers. Traveling with little ones and elders may bother you a bit and has to take into consideration when traveling in public transfers.

Getting to a taxi much safer for a family, especially it will not get you expose to risky public areas, and will keep you and your loved ones safe throughout the drive.

However getting the service of a professional taxi server available to assist you 24/7 for a reliable price is not so easy.

As an experienced tour operator T2 Transfer now offer you more trustworthy, convenient and consistent service for very affordable price just for 60 Euros to make your dream tour happen from Charles de Gaulle airport to Eiffel Tower.

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The cost of taxi:

  • 1-3 passengers – 60 euros
  • 4 passengers – 65 euros
  • 5 passengers – 70 euros
  • 6 passengers – 75 euros
  • 7 passengers – 80 euros
  • 8 passengers – 80 euros

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Transfers from Paris CDG Airport to Eiffel Tower by Train

Proximity wise from CDG airport to Eiffel Tower the distance is not so far away, and it is just 34km to complete. You have several ways to reach to Eiffel Tower from Charles de Gaulle, and train is one of the most used and affordable transfer methods available for tourists to travel between the two locations.

In order to get the train, you have to proceed to Roissypole Station. This station is right close to Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 at the Charles de Gaulle airport.

Then you have to get into RER B train line that is heading to Massy Palaiseau and from there get down at Saint Michel- Notre Dame.

Your journey will further continue via RER C that will take you to Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel station, the closest railway station. And from there you can reach to Eiffel Tower in 15 to 20 minutes’ walk time.

The duration for the journey from Charles de Gaulle to Eiffel Tower takes an hour and 10 minutes.

Usually the first train departs that takes you to Eiffel Tower from Charles de Gaulle is scheduled at 4.50am and the last train is at 11.50pm.

So no matter about what time your flight is landing, you can reach to Charles de Gaulle during these hours you are safe to not miss the train. Normally you can find a train at every other 10 minutes that takes you to Eiffel tower from Charles de Gaulle.

Traveling by train is the best way to find cheaper costs. The ticket per person per one way usually cost around 2 Euros. The prices are varied from cabin to cabin for the amenities and comforts that it serve the passengers.

The tickets can be purchased at the station counters and also if you can find a reliable online site you can reserve your seat by making an online booking as well.

Transfer from Charles de Gaulle airport to Effel Tower by Bus

If you would like to check on the available public transfer option to conclude your most awaited journey from Charles de Gaulle to Eiffel Tower, the second option you have is getting to a bus. This little insight is to guide you with some useful information.

If you are looking for a direct public bus connection that takes you from Charles de Gaulle to Eiffel Tower, sadly most of them are not available. Instead, they are services that connecting the two landmark that operates via Gare Saint-Lazare– Havre.

So if you are taking the bus you have to proceed to Terminal 2B to 2D and get the service from there to head Eiffel Tower.

To conclude the total journey from Charles de Gaulle to Eiffel Tower it takes an hour and 30 minutes around. Depending on the traffic and weather condition this time may fluctuate a little.

The tickets can purchase online or maybe you can direct to a counter for more information to pay on the spot. Usually per adult per way it is around 18 to 31 Euros depending on the service that you refer.

Similar to train timing it would be difficult to find out the frequent bus transfers. Therefore, it is always good to pre check the departing schedules prior to the trip and make your plans accordingly.