Charles de Gaulle to Gare Montparnasse

How To Get from Charles de Gaulle to Gare Montparnasse

Travelling from Charles de Gaulle to Gare Montparnasse?

Gare Montparnasse one of the most celebrated highlights in France. It is known as the largest railways station in France. Compared to most other train stations that you are coming across in France, Gare Montparnasse operated extensive train network that will help you to reach any part of France, and also if you are also planning to travel towards further outside from France Gare Montparnasse ready to offer you a lot of options to make your trip a comfortable and a convenient one.

Gare Montparnasse train station is also called by the name of Paris Montparnasse. The station has been a central landmark in France for years. You will get impressed to hear about the historical value of Gare Montparnasse railways station. The first establishment of this grand railways station is found in the year of 1840.  So as, the station serves a great history of almost nearly 200 of years.

Even though the railways station is originally built in the year of 1840, it took several renovations whereas the rebuilt and relocation completed in the year of 1969 a significant one as Gare Montparnasse railway station was slightly moved to south.

Gare Montparnasse is located base on the 13th and 14th administration divisions in France. As the train station serves the daily services by connecting almost all the regions in France, you will often find Gare Montparnasse is crowded with the passengers who are centered at Gare Montparnasse to travel back and forth via Gare Montparnasse railways stations.

You will find many train services here. Mainly they offer TGV (high speed) trains for the passengers who travel heading to western part of the country. Also, you will get Transilien Paris Montparnasse line that offers more regional trains. Apart from that Gare Montparnasse also arrange metro station as well to transfer the passengers to suburbs of Paris.

It is high likely that you arriving to Charles de Gaulle international airport to get to regional France. Because, this is the airport that serves a great variety of international and domestic flights. Being the second busiest airport in Europe region and the largest airport in France Charles de Gaulle international airport is handling approximately about 80 million passengers for a year.

The airport finds a little daunting experience for the first time visitors as it has about 3 major terminals and 4 other sub terminals. To get your transfers from Charles de Gaulle international airport first you have to reach one of these terminals.

If you are planning to travel from Charles de Gaulle to Gare Montparnasse the following travel tips might be helpful for you to arrange your transfer comfortably and conveniently. Check the following and learn about the best way of arranging your trip.

Private Taxi From Charles de Gaulle to Gare Montparnasse

The next available best option that is promising to offer you door to door transfer services is getting to a private taxi. It available all the time on your convenient and make sure that you are having a safe, comfortable and direct drive right from Charles de Gaulle airport to Gare Montparnasse.

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  • 4 passengers – € 80
  • 5 passengers – € 85
  • 6 passengers – € 90
  • 7 passengers – € 95
  • 8 passengers – € 95

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Transfer From CDG Airport to Gare Montparnasse By Train

The first option that you get to travel from Charles de Gaulle to Gare Montparnasse is getting to a train. Most are expecting the trains to offer the lowest travel rates with convenient transfer options, but when it comes to traveling from Charles de Gaulle international airport to Gare Montparnasse it may find a little bit complicated.

First you will not get direct transfers. Second it involves multiple exchanges of connections that would be very inconvenient, especially if you are traveling with kids, elders and carrying a few luggage with you. Also, train times are not frequent. Hence, if you arrive to Charles de Gaulle international airport by a late hour flight it would be challenging for you to find your transfers.

Planning of traveling by train from CDG to Gare Montparnasse, you have to first proceed to Terminal number two at the airport. You will find the train station right down there. Tickets can be purchased on the day or before of your traveling while you can get cyber offers as well.

Once you arrive to Terminal 2 at Charles de Gaulle international airport you can get a RER B train that is heading to Gare de Massy Palaiseau that will take you to DenfertRochereau railways station. at this station you can get down and then change to a metro train. The metro train that you are getting into will proceed to Charles de Gaulle Etoile and this will take you to your destination of Gare Montparnasse.

The total travel duration will be about 2 hours or even more depending on the time that you are taking to exchange the connections.  The cost for the journey would be about 20 Euros per person.

Transfers From Charles De Gaulle Airport to Montparnasse By Bus

The second public transfer option that you get to travel from Charles de Gaulle airport to Gare Montparnasse is making your trip by getting to a bus. Similar to train options you get buses also are not providing you frequent transfers right from Charles de Gaulle international airport to Gare Montparnasse.

If you are traveling with kids, elders and carry a lot of luggage with you surely traveling by bus would not be the best option to consider. However, traveling by bus from Charles de Gaulle international airport to Gare Montparnasse by bus you will get few options of LeBus Direct and Ouibus services.

The operations of these two buses are not so frequent which will be challenging if you are having a late arrival.