Beauvais Airport to Orly Airport

How To Get from Beauvais to Orly

Looking to get from Beauvais to Orly?

Beauvais Airport has grown dramatically as one of Paris’ low fares carrier hubs and now finds itself as the 10th busiest airport in France.

Ryanair’s rapid expansion of services has now led to over 4 million passengers each year passing through the airport. The airport now has 2 terminals with various cafes and shops serving its passengers.

Despite branding itself as a Paris airport it is in fact 85 km North of Paris in the Picardy region. Beauvais has a long and interesting history, steeped in scars of the past, you can still find bomb craters around the edges of the airfield.

In addition to being a regional airport, the site is designated and operates as a NATO relief landing ground for military aircraft.

Located on the complete opposite side of Paris, Orly Airport serves as a secondary hub for Air France and is the homebase of Transavia France. Orly is France’s busiest domestic airport and connects the capital with the rest of the country when it comes to air travel.

It is in fact the second busiest airport in France with just over 32 million passengers per annum. The airport also serves the Caribbean, Far East, Asia and North America.

Orly also has an interesting military and aviation history, with a notable fete of Pan Am flying DC-7 aircraft to Los Angeles from Orly in 1958 with a flight time of 21 hr 56 minutes.

Spread over 2 terminals the airport is 13 km South of Paris and 110 km from Beauvais airport. Travel between the 2 airports is very dependent on traffic load on the roads so careful planning is required to ensure you can catch connections. It is possible to use either a private taxi, train or bus between the airports.

Private Taxi from Beauvais Airport to Orly Airport

The most reliable option for travel between Beauvais to Orly is private taxi and none offer a better service than T2 Transfer. Their professional, fully licensed drivers make your journey a breeze and as easy as possible. They are are able to converse in English or French and offer the highest customer service.

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Prices for the journey are below:

  • 1-3 passengers – € 125
  • 4 passengers – € 130
  • 5 passengers – € 135
  • 6 passengers – € 140
  • 7 passengers – € 145
  • 8 passengers – € 150

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Transfers from Beauvais to Orly By Train

It is possible to get the train from Paris Beauvais to Orly airport but it is not the most convenient. Getting the train from Beauvais starts with a private taxi or public bus to the train station which is 15 minutes away from the airport. Trains run every 1-2 hours into Paris on the TER and go to Gare du Nord.

From Gare du Nord you need to catch the RER B to Antony. At Antony you then catch the OrlyVal shuttle bus to the airport. Not the easiest journey for a weary traveller or those with children.

  • Duration: 2 hour 14 minutes
  • Cost: Adult single ticket is €10, Child single ticket is €7.

Transfer from Paris Beauvais Airport to Paris Orly Airport by Bus

The only viable bus option from Beauvais airport to Orly airport is to catch the Beauvais Airport Shuttle and then Le Bus Direct to Orly. However, this option requires a connection in the centre of Paris. The Beauvais Airport Shuttle departs the airport 20 minutes after flight arrivals and goes to Port Maillot.

Passengers then have to either walk or catch the Metro Line 1 to the Champs-Elysees where they change to Metro Line 13 to Montparnasse Train station. From Montparnasse you then catch the Le Bus Direct to Orly. This can be a long journey of up to 3 hours with connections.

  • Duration: 1 hour 35 minutes (excluding connection time).
  • Cost: Adult single ticket is needed for both journeys and costs a total of €27.90, Child single ticket is approximately €15.