Charles de Gaulle To Reims

How To Get From Charles de Gaulle To Reims

How do you want to make your plan to visit the mesmeric Reims from the fascinating Charles de Gaulle?  Let’s check which one is the most convenient and reliable transport mode from the following list.

Taxi From Charles de Gaulle To Reims

To travel comfort, faster and convenient taxi is the best option that you can use to proceed from Charles de Gaulle to Reims.  There are a lot of pluses that you get by choosing taxi services to travel to Reims from Paris Charles de Gaulle.

First unlike buses and trains taxis are available anytime anywhere that you can get on your convenience. The next important point is they are direct.

So you no need to proceed from airport to stations first and then from henceforth getting another transfers. All you need to do is reserve your transfer and it will be right there when needed.

Taxis are much more comfortable and convenience than taxis and busses. You have enough space in and that also gives much more freedom to stop by for refreshing breaks, taste a good wine, enjoy a coffee or get pictures to make some memories.

On top of everything private transfers are much safer than the trains and busses and you can travel safely with your loved ones without getting contagious with risky crowded areas.

If you are in a hurry it is always recommended to use private taxis as they are speedier than the trains and buses.

Also if you wish to travel at night in order to save some more time for yourself taxis is the most convenient transfer option that you can choose.

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With T2 Transfer your journeys are always safe, comfortable, speedier and convenient yet the rate we offer for our beloved clients always gives the best prices out of all options.

Taxi price From Charles de Gaulle To Reims:

  • 1-3 passengers – 245 euros
  • 4 passengers – 250 euros
  • 5 passengers – 255 euros
  • 6 passengers – 260 euros
  • 7 passengers – 265 euros
  • 8 passengers – 270 euros

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Transfers From Charles de Gaulle To Reims By Train

The most used and popular transfer method available in France that connecting the cities of Charles de Gaulle and Reims is train.

The first train that normally depart to Reims from Charles de Gaulle is scheduled at 06.51am and the last departure can find at 20.56pm from Charles de Gaulle.

The weekends and holidays affects this timing where in most Saturday and Sunday you can find the trains around 06.45 in the morning.

Still it is always recommended to check the information prior and plan your journeys if you want to arrange your departures earliest possible or later possible.

There are frequent train services that connect the two cities.  Usually in every 6 minutes a train departs to Reims from Charles de Gaulle. And in total there are around 21 to 26 train services operate for a day.

There are 4 train operators based in France that organize the train tours for the passengers traveling from Charles de Gaulle to Reims, they are Alleo, TGV, TER and Tran Express Regional.

You can log into these sights and check the information related the services that you look for and you can also make your booking through these sights to reserve your seats and check the available timings.

The overall distance cover by trains in between the two cities is 110Km and approximately it takes somewhere 46 minutes to conclude your journey by the fastest train.

Most of the time you can find direct trains to travel from Charles de Gaulle to Reims but there are also connecting trains as well.

Check and get the things confirmed prior to the departures are always the best decision that you can make in order to avoid the last minutes hassles.

A train ticket that cost per person for a one way journey is around 23 USD. The price will be a little bit fluctuating depends on the day your book, the source you refer and the cabin service you get. As soonest you book may be you can get cheaper fares too.

Usually the train tickets starts to issuing from 3 months prior and if you want to get notification for cheapest fares if the booking is not made yet you can register your information to the source you refer.

The trains are usually comfortable enough for 46 minutes train journey with WIFI, comfortable seats, and power sockets. So you may have a short nap too to enjoy your time to get some rest. Or you can enjoy the picturesque scenes that passing through the shutters throughout your time.

Transfer From CDG Airport To Reims By Bus

The next popular public transfer services available to host the passengers traveling from Charles de Gaulle to Reims is the public buses.

If your time allow you can do some good homework to check the timings prior to departure so it may help you preventing unnecessary hassles in missing out the schedules.

There are around 7 departures that operates the daily services that proceeds from Charles de Gaulle to Reims. The overall distance that cover by bus is around 111.5Km.

The average time duration for the journey to conclude the drive by the fastest train is 4 hours and 10 minutes around. Depend on the road condition, weather condition and also on weekdays and weekends the timings will be varied.

Similar to the timings and durations the ticket prices also are different depends on the day that you travel. You can get the tickets from 8 Euros to 15 Euros. On weekends and holidays the ticket prices are a little bit higher.

There are websites related to the bus operators where you refer the accurate information, ticket prices, bus types and durations etc. the tickets can purchase and your seats can be reserved if you can check on these sites.

The buses are much comfortable with cozy seats and enough space to lean back for a short rest. When you are planning your trips to Reims from Charles de Gaulle by bus it is always recommended to check the available options for your convenient, because there are limited transfers operate by connecting the city.