Charles de Gaulle to Serris

How To Get from Charles de Gaulle to Serris

Most tourists who arrive to Paris would love to explore the small-town name Serris as it is ready to offer distinctive experiences for those tourists who would like to have a memorable stay in Paris.  The city serves a decent and pensive setup with local beauty that making the tourists to visit Serris and discover the city.

The tourists who arrive to enjoy the magical Disneyland prefer to make their overnight stay in this small city as there is a higher chance that you can get best for more than the price that you pay.

If you would like to plan your trip to Serris we are happy to present you some off the travel tips for you that will be beneficial for you to plan your trips with zero mistakes.

Private Taxi from Charles de Gaulle to Serris

Private taxis are known as the most convenient option to travel from Charled de Gaulle to Serris. If you are traveling with kids and elders traveling in public transfers is not so recommended as you have to change the connection time to time that will not be a comfortable.And, also specially during the pandemic period it will not be safe to travel whereas you will be exposing to a massive crowded area.

Private taxis are the best recommended option that will offer you a faster, direct and doo to door service and so as you no need to worry about the keep changing the connection by carrying luggage.

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  • 7 passengers – € 90
  • 8 passengers – € 90

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Transfers from CDG Airport to Serris By Train

The first option that you will be getting to consider your trip al the way to Charles de Gaulle airport to Serris is trains. Like everywhere else in the world the train service that you to conclude your trip is comparatively affordable from other transfer methods.

Getting to a train to proceed to Serris is much recommended to a tourist or a tourist group who travel with light luggage and not so look into comfort when traveling.

If you are accompanying little children or elderly citizens trains for sure not be a very good option as you may have to change the connection and the transfers available are not so direct.

However, if you would like to make your trip by train hope this guide may help you to arrange your transfers. To get your train you may proceed to the Terminal Number 2 at the airport.

There are two types of trains. One is known as RER that are connecting the Paris to its suburbs. The cost of the tickets to travel in RER trains are cheaper compared to the TGV trains that are known as the fastest connection.

From Terminal 2 you can get into RER B train that are heading to the famous railways station Chatelet-les-Halles. You have to get down from here in order to get in to RER A train that are directing to Marne La Vallee, the nearest railways station to the magical Disneyland.  And you have to disembark from Val d’Europe to proceed to Serris. So, you can get into a shuttle bus or a private taxi to reach Serris from Val d’Europe.

The second option that you get to travel by train is getting to a TGV train that is heading to Marne La Vallee railways station. Once you arrive here you can get a RER A train that will proceed to Val d’ Europe and so as you have to get into a taxi or a shuttle service to reach to Serris.

The prices of the train tickets are as below. For RER trains you have to pay 10 Euros and for a kid it will cost 7 Euros per way. The TGV trains are a little bit more expensive compared to RER trains and cost per way it will be around 25 Euros, depending on the kids’ age the prices in TGV trains will be varied.

The duration of the train journey can not be estimated as that is completely depending on the service you take and the time it will take to change the connection. The trains are comfortable enough for brief trips and if you are carrying few luggage with you traveling by changing the connection will be a hassle one.

Transfer from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Serris By Bus

You also get an option to make your trip by bus. The buses are not so a popular option as they are not so frequent that may match the late hours arrival to Charles de Gaulle airport.

There is a direct bus that is available to take you to Serris. The bus is called as “Magical shuttle bus” as the bus is there to facilitate the passengers who visit Disneyland and the closer by attractions.

To get into the bus you may proceed to Terminal number 2 at the Charles de Gaulle international airport.  The buses are operating on scheduled departures and you may check the timing beforehand when finalizing your transfers to proceed to Serris from Charles de Gaulle.

It will take around one hour to conclude the trip but these timing may affect by the traffic condition and weather status. The buses are very much comfortable to host small trips so you may relax for a while till you reach out to your destination.

The tickets and be purchased online to reserve your seats or else you may make it on arrival as well but making it in advance will save your time and you may get a chance make your booking based on offers as well.

The price of one-way trip for an adult usually cost around 23 Euros while 10 Euros will be charges for a kid.