Charles de Gaulle to Val d'Europe

How To Get from Charles de Gaulle to Val d’Europe

We are ready to take you on one of the most visited trip and that is none other than a journey that most tourists are taking from Charles de Gaulle to Val d’ Europe. The total distance that you have to cover to proceed to Val d’ Europe from Charles de Gaulle is around 47 Km and there are train services, shuttle buses and taxis are operating by connecting these two locations.

Most tourists select Charles de Gaulle airport for few reasons. First it is known as the largest airport based in France, where you will find frequent international charters and next it offers much convenient connections to access most significant attractions in France. And Val d’ Europe also one of the most leading tourists destinations.

This little guidance will sure be helpful for you to choice the most comfortable and convenient transfer for you. Check these tips to learn about how you can arrange your journey smoothly without making it a hassle free one.

Private Taxi from Charles de Gaulle to Val d’Europe

The most comfortable, convenient, safe and fastest way to conclude your journey all the way from Charles de Gaulle to Val d’Europe is getting to a taxi. They offer private transfers on your convenient and you can get more customized and door to door pick up by getting to a taxi.

Taxis are a little bit costly compared to the public transfers’ including trains and shuttle buses, yet it will offer you much more convenient service as you no need to wait for the next available transfers, stick to the tight schedules and worry about  how to travel with bigger luggage.

Getting to a taxi will also offer you a safe transfer as you will be not contaminated with risky crowded areas. If you are looking for the most affordable travel rates to private taxis T2 Transfer is happy to announce that we offer the most reasonable rate of 65 USD from Charles de Gaulle to Val D’Europe where you can travel safely, comfortably and conveniently.

T2 Transfer is right next you travel dreams and we are so proud to say that we have been the most trusted partner for tourists who is coming across all over the way. Let us hear how we can contribute you travel diaries this time and we would be more than happy to make your journey the most memorable one.

Charles de Gaulle to Val d’Europe Taxi Prices

  • 1-3 passengers – € 65
  • 4 passengers – € 70
  • 5 passengers – € 75
  • 6 passengers – € 80
  • 7 passengers – € 85
  • 8 passengers – € 85

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Transfers from CDG Airport to Val d’Europe By Train

Train is one of the most used public transfers by tourists who are visiting Val d’Europe from Charles de Gaulle. Trains are known as one of the most affordable and available options as you will find services that is leaving the station for every 15 to 20 minutes.

Finding a connecting train to proceed to Val d’ Europe from Charles de Gaulle will be a little bit complicated process. But if you are looking for more convenient prices connecting trains are the most recommended. And if you are not so familiar with the processes it is always good to be guided by a professional guiding company or you might be needing a lot of home works prior to your departure.

To get a connecting train to proceed to Val d’Europe you may proceed to terminal 2 from Charles de Gaulle and then get into RER B train.

RER trains are known as Réseau Express Régional in French that means Regional Express Network in English. These are actually a hybrid transit system that you find in Paris and it offers the services to the passenger who are traveling to city centers etc.

RER B train will arrive to Chatelet Les Hallas and then from there you can get into RER A that proceeds to Marne-la-Valle. From Marne-la-Valle to Val d’ Europe it is a just 25 minutes of drive. The total journey takes around one hour.

If you get into a SCNF train that is known as French national railways are much more convenient compared to RER connections, as they are much more comfortable, convenient and faster with direct transfers. You can reach to Val d’ Europe in around 50 minutes.  The first service that departs to Val d’Europe leaves at 5am.

You can refer to the updated websites and purchase your train tickets and also you may buy the tickets at the counters too, yet if you can purchase your tickets in advance it will make your life much easier and you can reserve your seats as well.

The trains are usually comfortable with good amount of amenities to comfort your brief ride.

Transfer from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Val d’Europe By Bus

Now we are going to take a look at how to plan your trip from CDG to Val d’ Europe by bus. Bus is the next available private transfer that you sue to proceed to Val D’ Europe. You only get one bus option that is connecting the transfers to Val’d Europe from Charles de Gaulle.

The bus is known as “magic shuttle bus” and this is an exclusive transfer that facilitate for the passengers proceeding from Charles de Gaulle to Val d’Europe. You can get the bus right away from the terminal number 2 at Charles de Gaulle airport.

The buses are operating every day for the passengers from 9.00am to 8.00pm, thus in case that you have earlier or late flight arrival schedules these timing might not be so a convenient option.

The travel duration is recording to proceed to Val d’Europe is recorded as one hour but this timing will be varied depending on the weather conditions and the traffic status on particular timing.

A tip for a convenient traveling is book your seats in advance and purchase your tickets or else you may have to wait to get in to next available transfer.