Paris to Epernay

How To Get From Paris to Epernay

Travelling From Paris to Epernay? Epernay is in Marne, part of the Champagne Ardenne region, just south of Reims and 130 kilometres north-east of Paris. Epernay sits nestled in the vine-covered hills of the Natural Regional Parc de la Montagne de Reims.

Epernay is home to many world-famous Champagne producers and has become a haven for fans of the bubbly drink. The town is famous for being the capital of the Champagne producing region of France.

Moët & Chandon and Mercier are just two of the most prominent champagne houses available to visit, although there are many smaller, less popular producers open to visitors.

The majestic Avenue De Champagne is a kilometre long and has a total of 100 kilometres of cellars beneath. Its not just the champagne contents made in Epernay, it’s also home to the production of the raw materials and equipment used in the manufacturing and bottling of the alcoholic drink.

Even if you’re not interested in champagne, this town is filled with luxurious 19th century townhouses and architecturally interesting large mansions.

Aside from the historic champagne houses, there are remaining architectural ruins including a stone doorway which is the last remains of the 16th century Church of Notre Dame, a town hall dating back to 1858 with majestic gardens and the Chateau Perrier, notable for being a British, German and American army based base for the British, the Second World War.

Épernay’s theatre commemorates the actor Gabrielle-Dorziat who was born in the town and made appeared on Parisian stages in the 1910s and 1920s, before embarking on a film career that lasted through to the 1960s.

This neoclassical building is a grand late 19th example of architecture. For those who prefer the outdoors, there are several parks and marked paths throughout the town.

Private Taxi from Paris to Epernay

The easiest, most secure and most direct way to from Paris to Epernay is by private taxi. The service offered by T2 Transfer is ideal for most traveler’s needs.

The benefit of using a private taxi company is that the vehicle will pick you up from wherever you require in Paris. T2 Transfer private taxi is also just that, private, you don’t have to share the brand-new luxury car with anyone else and if you are traveling with children, they will provide car seats free of charge.

This will bring a sense of security, especially important if you want to try the many brands of champagne the town offers.

During the 100-minute journey (dependent on traffic) your friendly, professional and fully licensed driver will be happy to chat to you in French or English, you can ask questions about your service, other destinations they travel to and they can offer unique local knowledge of Paris and Epernay.

If you have any questions about the service before or after your journey you can contact T2 Transfers around the clock customer service.

For your convenience, and unlike other local services, you can pay for your journey in euros, pounds or dollars.

Taxi prices from Paris to Epernay

  • 1-3 passengers: 300 euros
  • 4 passengers: 310 euros
  • 5 passengers: 320 euros
  • 6 passengers: 330 euros
  • 7 passengers: 340 euros
  • 8 passengers: 360 euros

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Transfers from Paris to Epernay by Train

There are roughly 5 trains a day which leave from Paris Gare De l’est and go to Epernay. The trains leave roughly every 2 hours, which can be a bit stressful in fear of missing one.

On weekdays the earliest direct train to Epernay is usually departs Paris around 06:34 and the last train leaves Epernay at around 21:36, and a little later at weekends.

Train travel is one of the quicker routes between the two destinations, clocking in at around 1 hour and 15 minutes, although be mindful that not all trains go direct, some stop at Reims on their way to the wine-making village.

There are two types of trains working in the area TGV’s, which are quicker but require a reservation and are cheaper in advance or the standard TER trains, whose tariff doesn’t vary according to the day you take them.

Transfer from Paris to Epernay By Bus

Unfortunately, there is no direct bus route between Paris and Epernay. Some bus journeys will take up to nine hours and go through various stops before arriving at Epernay.

There are direct buses to Chateau Thierry and Reims but you will have to switch at this destination, after nearly a two-hour trip and then from these destinations you can get a short half an hour train to Epernay itself. This trip is quite long-winded, complicated and difficult to plan a return.