Paris to Giverny

How To Get From Paris to Giverny

Wondering how to get from Paris to Giverny? Giverny is a beautiful commune village in the Eure department of northern France. Sitting on the right bank of the Seine, near the point where the river Epte meets the Seine, it lies roughly 80 km from Paris and has inspired some of the most famous artists over the years.

Giverny is home to Claude Monet’s garden residence and has attracted a wealth of American impressionist artists over the years, inspired by the landscapes and views.

Only at the Orangerie Museum can you see Monet’s Water Lilies in person, alongside eight large floor to ceiling canvases displayed around the gallery.

If you are a fan of Monet you will recognize many of the locations in the Giverny area. Often overlooked in favour of large Parisian galleries, the museum also includes art by Renoir, Cézanne, Utrillo, Soutine, Modigliani, Matisse, and Picasso.

The little idyllic spot in Normandy has much more to offer than just art. The village’s history dates back to the Palaeolithic period, and you’ll find many archaeological sites scattered across the village including prestigious castles, historic mills, stunning gardens and museums.

There are Gallo-Roman graves discovered in 1838 and coffins dating from the first centuries. A ruined megalithic monument close to the church graveyard is a must-see for history fans and an unusual Romanesque church is dedicated to Saint Radegonde who was reputed to cure scabies.

If you are staying in Paris but wish to visit Giverny the public transport system may not be the best option, especially if you are staying in a hotel away from the rail and bus network. There is no direct train line and buses are not regular.

Private Taxi from Paris to Giverny

The easiest, most secure and most direct way to from Paris to Giverny is by private taxi. The service offered by T2 Transfer is ideal for most traveller’s needs. The benefit of their private taxis is that it will pick you up from wherever you require in Paris.

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For your convenience, and unlike other local services, you can pay for your journey in euros, pounds or dollars.

Taxi prices from Paris to Giverny

  • 1-3 passengers: 140 euros
  • 4 passengers: 145 euros
  • 5 passengers: 150 euros
  • 6 passengers: 155 euros
  • 7 passengers: 160 euros
  • 8 passengers: 160 euros

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Transfers from Paris to Giverny By Train

The village of Giverny is accessible from Paris on the train from the Gare Saint-Lazare train station. Purchase a ticket for Vernon, the closest stop to Giverny, which will get you there in 45 minutes.

The Vernon-Giverny station is situated on the main train line Paris / Rouen / Le Havre and departs on the right side of the platform, in the ‘Grandes Lignes’ section.

Vernon is roughly 7 kilometres away from Giverny itself, so it’s recommended you get a bus or taxi from the train station. The train costs about €22-€25 round-trip and runs about six times a day.

If you want to catch the train, there are more timetabled in the morning or on Saturdays.

Transfer from Paris to Giverny By Bus

There is a bus that meets every train at Vernon and finishes the 15-minute run (except on Mondays) and will take you back to every return train to Paris.

When you exit the station at Vernon, you’ll see a bus parked straight ahead to the right, this bus will take you to, and from, Monet’s house and garden. From there everything else in Giverny is walking distance.

If you miss the bus or find it not suitable for your needs, T2 Transfer can finish the journey to Giverny to you.

There are organised bus tours from Paris to Giverny, these tours will take you right up to Monet’s house and garden. Several big tour companies offer these types of day trips and they usually cost between €60 and €120.

Because Giverny is so small, many travel companies mix the tour of the village with visiting Versailles. These tours will not give you time to roam around independently and visit less well-known locations.