Paris to La Vallee Village

How To Get from Paris to La Vallee Village

Travelling from Paris to La Vallee Village?

How could someone forget about shopping in Paris to make it during their most excited tour? La Vallee Village is one of eleven top leading shopping destinations and is a part of Bicester Village that belongs to the Bicester Village shopping collection.

If you would love for upscale branding shopping and affordable brand shopping, everything you need is right there at La Vallee Village. Starting from Armani, Gucci, Prada to Polo Ralph Lauren, Levi’s, Philip Plein, La Vallee Village is the right place to enjoy a unique shopping experience.  If you are lucky you may even find amazing discounts at La Vallee Village for high quality goods.

If you are on a tour to Paris don’t forget to pay a visit to La Vallee Village and make your tour more a memorable one. If you are a shopaholic there won’t be any other shopping experience as in La Vallee Village so during your visit to most romantic city in the world keep some space in your calendar to discover La Vallee Village and get the best in an amazing shopping tour.

Private Taxi from Paris to La Vallee Village

The only way of getting a door to door transfer option to travel from Paris to La Valee Village is making your transfers by a taxi. Compared to all the public transfers available taxis will offer you comfortable, convenient and safe transfer from Paris to your destination La Valee Village.

If you would like to get the maximum of your most excited Paris trip make your trip by a taxi will save your precious time and money.

Offering you the most affordable transfer rates T2 Transfer now ready to share you the best prices where you can make a memorable shopping tour by visiting La Vallee Village from Paris just for the amount of 75 Euros.

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Prices for the journey are below:

  • 1-3 passengers – € 75
  • 4 passengers – € 80
  • 5 passengers – € 85
  • 6 passengers – € 90
  • 7 passengers – € 95
  • 8 passengers – € 95

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Transfers from Paris to La Vallee Village By Train

Paris is a known big city that may you confuse to arrange your transfers to the destination that you are heading if you are on a first time visit. This guide is about sharing you some insights in arranging your transfers conveniently by train from Paris to La Vallee Village.

If you like to make your trip by train yes there is a train transfers available. But you would be disappointed to learn that the transfers are not direct.

If you are going to La Vallee Village directly for shopping purpose or first that all you are looking for is heading to your hotel that is located near La Vallee Village train tour will be two different experiences. Because, if you are accompanying little one, elders or you have few heavy luggage to carry with you travelling by a train would not so be a comfortable option to consider.

The train transfers mostly are based on set departures in case if you miss the train your whole shopping moods will ruin and also adjusting to schedules may stress your stay when you have to rush your program time to time just in order to secure the transfers.

As the trains are not offering you direct transfers, the train transfers available are inclusive of changing the connection and taking a walk up La Vallee Village.

The most confusing part is directing to the right location whereas you will be needing an informative helping hand or have to take a close observation of direction signs. Or else you also be prepared yourself beforehand with a lot of home works and ground arrangements as most places names may appear similar to you.

If you are getting to a train you have both options of getting to a nearest metro or a RER stations.   If you are heading to a metro station Hotel de Ville is the most convenient.  Both the metro station name and the metro station name are known as Hotel de Ville.

Once you arrive here you can board a line 1 metro car and you can get down at its third stop where the Gare de Lyon station is. From Gare de Lyon you can take a walk about 300 meters to get a RER A line that will take you to Val d’Europe is where you can get down from the 12th next stop.  Once you disembark from Val d’ Europe station you can get in to a taxi or if comfortable can walk up to La Vallee Village to cover about 500 meters.

The total duration of the journey may take about 55 minutes or more and the cost that you have to pay is about 10 Euros for an adult.

Transfer from Paris to La Vallee Village Outlet  By Bus

Alternatively you can choice a bus to travel from Paris to La Vallee Village. But, traveling by bus from Paris to La Vallee Village looks complicated and may make you feel exhausted as you require changing the connection constantly. The transfers surely are not direct if you would like to make a direct transfer.

The bus journeys involve minimum 3 times connection changing and may even go up to 6, 8 times depending on the line that you are choosing to travel.  Also the duration of the journey would take more than 3 hours.

Due to the complexity most travelers are not so encouraged to travel by bus from Paris to La Vallee Village and the one who least choosing bus transfer often proceed from Charles de Gaulle international airport in order travel with minimum hassles. Still, traveling from Charles de Gaulle also involves 3 changes of vehicles and minimal distance to walk up to La Vallee Village.

In most part of the journey will be covered by express buses that have lesser stops compared to city buses.