Paris to Reims

How To Get From Paris to Reims

Wondering how to get from Paris to Reims? Reims is where the unparalleled history and taste combine in perfect chemistry and treasuring enormous cultural enigmas. This beautiful city stands as the symbol of victory and icon of flavor.

A visit to Reims would not make you regret it as you will be surely amazed by the unparalleled history it preserves and presents along with the fine wine production it boasts to the world. What are the highlights that you can enjoy in Reims?

Paris to Reims Day Trips

Find your favorite Champaign from where it is produced. Reims is the capital for fine wine manufacturing. Visit to Reims surely add taste and the spirit to your tour.

Reims is a city with full of wine production houses. During your tour don’t forget to visit a one to experience how the world finest Champaign are born.

You will also be lucky to taste the excellent wine and may be you can also buy one to gift someone.

Apart from wines, Reims is homing so many historical significances. You may explore many historical wonders belong to late Roman Empire just in 4 hours.  Few of the sights are listed as follows.

  • View of musée des
  • Beaux-Arts Porte de Mars (Roman ruins)
  • Reims Cathedral Palace of Tau Villa
  • Place Royale
  • Demoiselle Basilique
  • Saint-Remi Famous Champagne houses
  • View of Bibliotèque Carnegie
  • Fort de la Pompelle

Taxi from Paris to Reims

Using a taxi from Paris to reach Reims is the most convenient and reliable travel mode available all the time centering on Paris.

It is so simple unlike depending on train and buses, and sticking to the scheduled time frames taxi ride saves your time.

A tour to Paris indeed takes considerable time to visit attractions. Shopping the best international brands, trying out mouthwatering dishes, enjoying the best wines, discovering the fine tastes and the styles of the enchanting historical and cultural fascinations may surely take more time than you planned to get the best from your trip.

For train rides and buses, prior reservations are needed, and if in case you miss the schedules it may ruin your whole day also the most exciting moments that you wait to explore.

But unlike trains and buses, taxi services offer the freedom that you always looked for in your journey.

You can get into a taxi whenever you want and also you have the convenience to stop by for a picture or a refreshment.

For a traveler who always concerns about safety as number one, a taxi is the most recommended for your Reims trip because you will not get in contact with the public, whereas it is always safe nowadays. And using a taxi is known as the fastest and most comfortable way to reach Reims from Paris.

T2 Transfer is ready to take you on the most exciting journeys by helping you to create numerous memories throughout.

Even though taxi fares concern as the most expensive of all the travel modes, the best thing about T2 transfers is our rates are reasonable and affordable for the extraordinary service we offer you.

It only takes is 240 euros to reach Reims from Paris for the safety, comfort, speed and for the professional and friendly service we offer you.

We are always in reach no matter the distance is. Our drivers are very professional and experienced and will make sure that you are safe and comfortable throughout.

Paris to Reims By Train

A train ride from the magical capital Paris to the city of Champaign just takes around 2 hours and 40 minutes by connecting and slow trains.

If you are checking ways to reach Reims by train, there are frequent trains operate between the two cities, yet a prior reservation is required and is always concerned so serious due to overbooking situations can be caused.

And if you are looking for direct train options, there are about 12 trains that operate back and forth. All the trains from Paris to Reims depart from Paris Gare de l’Est railway station, and you can get down at Ville or Champagne-Ardenne TGV stations to visit Reims.

Knowing as the speediest, a journey to Reims from Paris by a TGV is more comfortable throughout. It has two compartments for First class and second class carriages. If you want to connect to WI-FI it has Wi-Fi too and serves refreshments in a separate carriage.

If you can get down from Reims Ville, you can visit the city Centre. In case your train is heading to Champagne-Ardenne TGV stations, don’t’ worry, you can use a taxi for 10 minutes drive from Champagne-Ardenne TGV stations to visit the Reims city center.

The average price for a train ride from Paris to Reims is around 15 Euros. You can book the tickets using a professional online source and also can get from the station. The first train departs from Paris at 6.30 am, and the last train is at 10.30 pm.

Let us share some tips for your reference. To get cheaper rates making a booking in advance is always advisable. You can even reserve your seats few months ahead before the departure. The connecting rates and slower rates are lower in rates than the speedier ones.

Paris to Reims By Bus

The distance from Paris to Reims is around 130km. If you are planning to use the bus to reach Reims, it takes somewhere 1 hour and 30 minutes around in the fastest route and 2 hours around in average drive. The buses those a bit slower are known cheaper than the fastest one.

Find the timetable for available buses daily. There are a lot of sources ready to offer you information for bus timings. But for your information, there are two buses those daily operate by connecting these two iconic cities.

They are direct buses which are much convenient.

The bus fares are 10 Euros on average for one way. If needed the tickets can be booked seven days before the departure. And you can get it done few months prior too.

The departing station from Paris is Gare de Lyon. The first bus leaves from Paris at 07.45 am, while the last bus leaves around 06.10 pm.

The journey by bus is not so a tiresome one. It has comfortable seats and the facilities to relish your ride. But in case you miss the bus, it would be challenging to find suitable options as only two turns operate daily.

Contact T2 Transfer to arrange a day trip or taxi from Paris to Reims.