Paris To Mont Saint Michel

How To Get From Paris To Mont Saint Michel

Wondering how to get from Paris To Mont Saint Michel? This will be your best guide.

It’s the best time to tick off two colorful and distinctive destinations at once during your most awaited bon voyage journeys to France.

Paris, the universally celebrated sophisticated romantic retreat, is waiting to welcome you warmly by connecting with UNESCO heritage historic capital St. Mont Michel- the commune in France.

Let’s get ready to discover every fascinating corner of these two magical cities. For not regretting to miss anything, all you require is a reliable transport method in which we are so happy to guide you here.

From stylish Paris to bewildering St. Mont Michel, the trips generally take around 4 hours. Distance-wise it is just 380 KM away from Paris.

So, if you have a plan to drop off Mont Saint Michel concerning the time and the distance, well don’t give up. St. Mont Michel is a must-see attraction in France, similar to your favorite Paris.

Paris is immortal for romance, sensations, and celebrations. This stylish destination is a complete open studio treasuring numerous cultural, historical, and social enigmas but very selfless to share them anytime with curious tourists who get attracted to the city every day.

Tasting the mouthwatering delicious dishes seasoned with authentic cooking secrets would surely add unforgettable flavor to your days.

And shopping the best would not be a dream anymore if you are happy to walk along by the fashion galleries located at the finest corners of this stylish capital.

What is in St. Mont Michel?

Mont Saint Michel is renowned as a completely different spectrum compared to voguish Paris. The outcrop is forever reigning as the face of Mont Saint Michel by bosting the chronicle values run back to centuries back.

Tourists’ attractions that you shouldn’t miss in St. Mont Michel

  1. St. Mont Michel
  2. Église Saint-Pierre – Le Mont-Saint-Michel
  3. Tombelaine
  4. La Tour Gabriel
  5. Alligator Bay
  6. LogisTiphaine
  7. Tour du Nord

Attracting local and international spectators every day to the city, St. Mont Michel hails its tourists with great hospitality. It offers everything you need includes good food, cozy hotels, picturesque locations, and many more.

How To Visit From Paris To Mont Saint Michel

Paris to St Mont Michel by car (day trip)

The most convenient, comfortable, and quickest way to travel from Paris to Mont Saint Michel is getting a car for the trip. It’s private, where you can be your own to stop by whenever you need a refreshment break or to capture a scenic shot to take back home.

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We are very much happy to escort you and take care of you throughout the drive. And being a mature, experienced, and outstanding taxi service provider T2 Transfer has served excellence for its clients for decades.

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Paris to Mont Saint Michel by train

If you plan to use a train to reach St. Mont Michel it takes around 5 hours. The ticket costs 12 Euros, and for the safe side better to make a booking in advance to reserve and secure your seats from high demands.

Plan in advance is much better to save your time and money as only one train operates daily from Paris to St. Mont Michel. The train time depends on the days you plan the trip however, most days, you can find the train departs from Paris around 7.32 am.

The ride is scenic, and if you are lucky to get on the train on time, you can save a lot of vibes, mood, and energy to admire the ceaseless scenes.

La Grande Rue railway station is a bustling place easy to find a good coffee shop, grocery, lovely restaurant, or a little shopping around to please your tied ride.

From La Grande Rue railway station, you can reach the floating abbey by a walk.

If you couldn’t plan the schedule in advance, there is a risk in using the train to reach St. Mont Michel, as there is only one train operates per day and it takes around 5 hours.

Paris to Mont Saint Michel by bus

Bus trips from Paris to Mont Saint Michel are not so popular and practical solutions to use if you are not free from strict time frames. The ride takes 5 to 6 hours, and the tickets cost per person around 30 Euros.

Several servers operate direct bus services from Paris to Mont Saint Michel daily basis. Usually, one operator arranges 1 to 2 trips per day. Apart from the direct bus services, you can find layovers as well.

If you plan to use a bus, it is always recommended to find the right operator and the right departure time. So then you will not miss the departing port and the time that will ruin your holiday.

Bus rides also will amaze you with their panoramic presentation that will keep your eyes and cameras busy throughout the journey.

So contact T2 Transfer to do a day trip from Paris To Mont Saint Michel by private car.