Charles de Gaulle To Champs Elysees

How To Get From Charles de Gaulle To Champs Elysees

Travelling from Charles de Gaulle to Champs Elysees? If you want to have a stress-free, enjoyable and relaxing stay in Paris, you need to make sure you have your transportation sorted out by checking and booking your taxi before you arrive Paris.

We are here, and totally dedicated to giving you the best transportation experience of international standard from Charles de Gaulle airport to Champs Elysees. We will provide you with the most exquisite transfer to your destination.

Charles de Gaulle is of no doubt one of the largest airports in all of Europe. It is also known as Roissy airport and it currently holds the record of being the biggest international airport in France.

We therefore recommend you explore the airport by map. Most travelers get confused in the airport. Our customer service will provide necessary information, but you still need to get yourself familiar with the details of the airport.

Feel free to go through the comments of other travelers to know more about CDG airport. Getting details of the airport will boost your confidence in the airport and subsequently make your travel even more enjoyable.

Go ahead and book a taxi online and our admin will supply you the instructions required for a pleasant transportation.

We will also discuss alternate modes of transportation, apart from taxi, that are available for transfer from CDG to Champs Elysees.

Private Taxi from Charles de Gaulle to Champs Elysees

Using a private taxi, remains the best way for you to move from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Champs Elysee. Unlike public transport, you do not need to waste time trying to get your destination or go through unnecessary stress trying to locate bus points. With our private taxi, you do not need to bother about moving your luggage either.

T2 Transfer provides the most comfortable and efficient transportation services from CDG airport to Champs Elysees by taxi. With our experienced and highly trained drivers, using T2 Transfer is the best option for you .

All you need to do is book your private taxi on our website and we will do all that is required for your transfer. Our brand new vehicles will provide you with the most luxurious transfer. Another advantage of choosing us is that you can book now and pay at the end of the journey.

Once you arrive at the exit gate, you will see our professional driver holding a board with your name written on it.

Unlike other means of transportation, T2 comes with 24/7 customer support and transfer service. Yes, we value you that much. We also accept payment in different currencies. You can pay by Euros, British pounds, and even US Dollars.

Booking a taxi is simple and very easy with us. Just click on the “book now” button and follow the simple steps that follow. We also have a chat window by which you can refer to our customer service.

You make the right choice by choosing us.

As for the shuttle, you can consider our service that provides private transfers by car or vans. We can send vehicle for any number of passengers that require transfer. Below are the details of the time and prices of the taxi services.

Transfer time in taxi: 40 minutes (Excluding traffic time)

CDG to Champs Elysee Taxi Cost:

  • 1-3 passengers – € 60
  • 1-4 passengers – € 65
  • 1-5 passengers – € 70
  • 1-6 passengers – € 75
  • 1-7 passengers – € 80
  • 1-8 passengers – € 80

For other rates from Paris airport to Champs Elysees contact us.

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Transfer from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Champs Elysees by Train

Different means of transport are close to the Charles de Gaulle airport. One of them is the train. The train is a means of transport that can be used for your transfer.

Here, you will need to use the Paris Reseau Express Regional (RER) train. The RER is the express underground or subway train. The train runs from 5:00 a.m. to 12:15 a.m. The trains arrive at the line every fifteen minutes.

Time: 35 minutes

Cost :10 €

Transfers from CDG to Champs Elysees by Bus

Using the bus is another way to move from CDG To Champs Elysees. You can give Le Bus direct consideration for this. The Line 2 of le Bus direct moves to Champs Elysees from Charles de Gaulle.

The buses are available from 5:45 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. The Le bus direct vehicles arrive every thirty minutes.

Time: 45 – 60 minutes (depending on traffic)

Cost: 17 € per adult 10 € per child.