Charles de Gaulle to Gare de l’Est

How To Get from Charles de Gaulle to Gare de L’est

Travelling from Charles de Gaulle to Gare de L’est?

France is an exotic destination that is full of historical, cultural and natural enigmas. Most of the fascinations and the highlights are spread across the country by gaining a timeless attention and administration by the local and so as the foreign visitors.

The mesmeric historical showcases of France are including a series of Landmarks where the some of the train stations play a significant role in earning a considerable attention of the travelers.

Gare de L’est is concerned as one of those railway station that is adored by the visitors. The history of this fascination railway station is runs back as far as the year of 1849.

As many other historical railway stations based in France, Gare de L’est also took several constructions, renovations and remodeling, and by present day Gare de L’est railway station is functioning as the main hub of high-speed TGV trains and metro lines.

Gare de L’est railways station is renown as one of the six major SNFC train stations. The location wise Gare de L’est is situated at the 10th administrative division in France. What makes Gare de L’est is one of those most popular railway stations in France is, it is celebrated as one of the largest and oldest railway stations in France.

Gare de L’est operate its services to many other regional and international destinations. If you are planning to visit any distant destinations in France the best option is to make your transfer via Gare de L’est railways stations and if you would like to visit further towards the outside of France you will find the departures scheduled from Gare de L’est to Moscow, Luxembourg and so on.

You will get many train options here at Gare de L’est including the services of ICE, TER trains, TGV and Transilien services. Hence, arriving to Gare de L’est to get transferred to your destination would not be a disappointment.

If you are planning to get transferred to Gare de L’est from Charles de Gaulle international airport hope the following traveling tips would be very much useful for your, where you will find how to find the comfortable, convenient and reliable transfer options.

Charles de Gaulle international airport is the largest airport based in France and the second busiest airport in Europe region. It hosts more than 80 million passengers per year, what makes the airport an extremely busy one.

Private Taxi From Charles de Gaulle to Gare de l’Est

The only available option to make your transfers a direct one at any given time is getting to a private taxi. Traveling in a private taxi will allow you to safely, comfortably and peacefully as you no need to worry of taking care of kids and luggage.

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Transfers From CDG Airport to Gare de l’Est Station By Train

The first option that we are guiding you here is how to make your travel by train to make your transfer from Charles de Gaulle to Gare de L’est railways station.

However, traveling by trains can not consider as the best option that suit you, especially if you accompany little ones and elders in your trip. Also, if you are traveling with few luggage traveling by train would be a nightmare as you will not get frequent transfers and the train ride may disappoint you when you find that there are no direct transfers.

If you are making your trip by train, you will get two options here. To check both of the options you have to proceed to Terminal number 2 from where the trains are departing.

The first option that you will be getting is get into a RER B train from Terminal number 2 at Charles de Gaulle international airport.  The RER B train will take you to Gare du Nord railway station from where you have to make a walk about 0.5 miles to reach Gare de L’est.

The duration of the journey of making your trip via Gare du Nord will be about 40 minutes to one hour and the cost will be about 10 Euros for an adult and Euros for a kid.

The second option that you have is proceed to Terminal number 2 at Charles de Gaulle international airport, and then get a RER B train. The RER B train that you are getting should be heading to a station name Denfert Rochereau.

From Denfer Rochereau you can switch to a metro train a station name Place d’ Italie from where you have to take another metro train to arrive to Gare de L’est.  Similar to the option number 1 listed above it will take about 45 minutes to one hour to conclude the trip and the charges would be 10 Euros for an adult and 7 Euros for a child.

Transfer From Charles de Gaulle Airport to Gare de l’Est By Bus

The second public transfer option that you are getting to make your trip from Charles de Gaulle airport to Gare de L’est train station is getting to a bus. but if you are looking for frequent and convenient transfer option to travel surely, buses also would be not the best option to consider.

if you are traveling with family and carrying luggage and also if you arrive to Charles de Gaulle international airport on late hours traveling by bus would be a bit challenging one.

To get your bus from Charles de Gaulle you can arrive to the airport in between 6.00 am to 10.30 pm and there you will find bus departure for every 20 minutes. The travel duration will be 1 hour to 30 minutes (the timing may affect by road and weather condition) and the charges would be 6 Euros for an adult.