How To Get from Charles de Gaulle to Gare de Lyon

Wondering how to get from CDG to Gare de Lyon?

SNFC, France largest train network offers six largest train stations based in the quixotic capital Paris. Gare de Lyon which is also called as Paris Gare de Lyon is one of the primary hotspots belong to the six largest train stations that is operating by SNFC.

Gare de Lyon has become one of the best, largest and busiest train stations in France for few reasons. First the size of the train station, second the operation wise. Gare de Lyon is celebrated as the third busiest train stations in France. The train station has 32 platforms for allowing the passengers to easily access more train options.

Gare de Lyon train station usually host about more than 90 million passengers per year, and this number is expected to increase further in upcoming years.  The train station is easily accessible as it located in the east Paris.

Due to the formation of the train station by locating on the north bank of the river named Seine in the Xlle administration division in France. Gare de Lyon get a romantic view letting the tourists to get the best glimpse of this fascinating landscape.

Through Gare de Lyon train station you can not only access the remote regional suburbs in France, but you will also get the chance to travel to other destinations which are away from France. The train station offers frequent services to the countries in Europe including Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany etc.

The train station has two main halls those are directing you to the 32 platforms. The Hall 2 is considered as the modern one that lays the tracks of 5 to 23, whereas the Hall 1 is the older hall which has A to N. to get into your RER train you have to proceed to the line that is located under the main line that is located across 4 additional platforms.

At Gare de Lyon train station you get RER trains as well as the high-speed TGV trains. If you are arriving to Gare de Lyon via Charles de Gaulle international airport the distance that you have to cover is about 35 Km. In this guise we are hoping to give you a detailed insight of how to choose more comfortable, affordable and reliable transfer option to make your transfer by making sure that you time and money are not wasted.

Charles de Gaulle international airport known as the second busiest airports in Europe region and the largest airport in France. Usually, the airport serves more than 80 million passengers per year.

For a first-time visitor the airport may look a little but daunting experience to navigate across, as it as three major terminals and 7 other sub terminals. You may check for the direction signs or to refer for a helping hand to reach your terminal on time.

Private Taxi From Charles de Gaulle to Gare de Lyon

If you are looking for direct and door to door transfer, look for no other but to make your trio by a private taxi. If you are traveling with your family taxis would be the most suitable for you among. They are safe, comfortable, convenient and available at any given time on your requirement.

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Transfers From CDG Airport To Gare de Lyon Train Station By Train

The first choice you get is making your transfer by train.  Most prefer to make the trip by train considering the affordability and convenience. You can proceed to Gare de Lyon by the train but they don’t offer you direct transfer where you will be required to change the connection at the middle of the journey which will be challenging if you are traveling with kids, elders or carrying excess luggage with you.

To get your train first you have to proceed to the Terminal number 2 from where you will find the train station underneath. The tickets can be purchase at the departure, or if you want to save time and money, you may check for available cyber offers to reserve your tickets and get better prices.

Arriving to Terminal number 2 you have to get a RER B train here and, get down at the Chatelet Les Halles station to get the RER A train that will take you to Gare de Lyon. The train departures are not so frequent, which means if you arrive late hours, it would be challenging for you to get your train. The trains regularly from morning 5 to midnight. So as, make sure you are arriving to the airport between these timings.

The total duration for the trip by bus is 45 to 60 minutes and the cost will be about 10 Euros per adult and 7 Euros for an adult.

Transfer From Charles de Gaulle Airport To Gare de Lyon By Bus

The second public transfer option available to take you from Charles de Gaulle international to Gare De Lyon train station is by making the transfer by getting to a bus. Buses offer direct transfers but the challenge is there is only one direct bus. The service is name Line 4 of Le Bus Direct.

The buses are running daily between 6.00 am to 11.00 pm. The total travel duration time would be 1 hour and 15 minutes while the cost for an adult will be around 20 Euros.