Charles De Gaulle To Normandy

How To Get From Charles De Gaulle To Normandy

Travelling from Charles De Gaulle To Normandy? The storied region of Normandy owes its name to the Viking settlers from the 9th century, also known as “the Northmen”, who invaded the region which became a duchy under Robert of Normandy in the 10th century.

From contacts between Viking settlers and local Franks and Gallo-Romans rose an ethnic group of Normans. During the following centuries, Normans have greatly expanded their territories, including England and Wales, but also Southern Italy and Sicily, and Antioch in Turkey.

During the 13th century Norman king of England, John Lackland, has lost Normandy to French king Philip III. Efforts to regain the Normandy and subsequently ascend to the throne of France by the house of Plantagenets has later became known as the Hundred’s Years War.

Today, Normandy is the best known for the events from WWII. For the failed Dieppe Raid on 19 August 1942, and as the place of the Allied invasion and D-Day landings of Operation Overlord, on 6 June 1944.

The invasion which produced more than 10,000 Allied casualties, and opening of the Western Front which lead to Nazi Germany surrender less than a year later.

Private Taxi from Charles de Gaulle to Normandy

The most comfortable and most convenient mode of travel by far is renting a private taxi. If you use the services of the T2 Transfer, your one hour and fifteen minutes trip to Vernon a starting point of exploring the Normandy will pass in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

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  • Duration is 4 hours
  • Price is €400 for 1 to 8 passengers

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Transfers from CDG to Normandy By Train

Traveling from Charles de Gaulle to Normandy by train is a possibility, but requires two changes of transport and is divided into three legs of a journey.

The first leg starts at CDG’s Terminal 3 Roissypole RER station where you should embark on the B line RER train going to the Paris Nord station. Departures are on every 6-15 minutes from 0453 to 2250 every day.

When you arrive at Paris Nord station you should take a short walk to the Magenta station, some 200 meters. At the Magenta station, you should embark on the E line train and disembark at the Haussmann St Lazare station.

The E line trains run every 5-15 minutes from 0535 till 0050 every day. Once you arrive at the Haussmann St Lazare station, in front of you is 750 meters or so walk to the Paris St Lazare station.

Trains depart for Vernon from 1219, 1419, and 1619 and afterward, there is another eleven departures every 20-30 minutes until the last of the day at 2319. When you arrive at Vernon you are in Normandy and can start exploring this storied French region.

  • Duration is 2 hours 30 minutes (with 50 minutes transfers)
  • Cost is Adult single tickets from €25

Transfer from Charles de Gaulle airport to Normandy By Bus

Traveling by bus to Vernon is possible only part of the way and with several changes of transport. Your journey starts at the Roissy bus station near Terminal 1 where you should embark on the BlaBlaBus operated line for Porte Maillot-Palais des Congres bus stop.

Departures are on every 30 minutes, from 0545 till 2345. From Porte Maillot you should take a 500 meters stroll to the Montrosier bus stop and embark on the 73 line bus to Gambetta.

Line 73 passes Porte Maillot from 0518 to 2328 every 20 or so minutes. From Gambetta, it is a short walk around 100 meters to Terminal Jules Verne where you should embark on the Express A14 line bus and disembark at Mantes-la-Jolie.

A14 line departures are at every 30 minutes from 0800 till 1530, when they change to every 10 minutes schedule until 1610 when departures are even more often, every 3-6 minutes.

The last departure is at 1852. From Mantes-la -Jolie you can embark on a train for Vernon which runs every 30 minutes or so from 0627 til 2352.

  • Duration is 3 hours (with an hour transfer)
  • Price is Adult single tickets from €28.