Paris To Bruges

How To Get From Paris To Bruges

Planning to travel from Paris To Bruges? Located in close proximity to Belgium, Bruges is a small medieval town popularly known for the trade of luxury lace making.

There are plenty of reasons one ought to pay a visit to the Flemish capital, from fascinating castles, windmills, magnificent churches to enthralling bridges, Bruges has caught the eye of every tourist travelling to Belgium.

Interestingly a favored fast food of a majority of Americans is French fries. This is one of the iconic food items of the Flemish community as well, and if you ever presumed that it was introduced by the French, it would be unjust towards the Belgians, the true pioneers of the food item.

You could enjoy their authentic French fries from the market Square or their unique Frietmuseum upon touring Bruges.

Another reason that should bring you to Bruges is to catch a glimpse of the Belgian superhighway system, the only man-made structure up to date that is visible to the moon. Hence, it will be our ill-fate to forgo a fortuity of sighting a marvel from our own eyes.

To experience the true artistry and elegance of the town, it would be best to commute, from Paris to Bruges, and you wouldn’t regret the picturesque journey along the route.

A tourist visiting Bruges from Paris is offered a number of modes of transport either by car, train or bus.

Paris to Bruges By Taxi Car (Day Trip)

A day trip from Paris to Bruges is one of the trendiest day trips a tourist who visits Paris could accomplish. It is indecisive whether a day trip to Burges would be sufficient to visit all the fascinating places it has got to offer, but if you decide to tour by car, it shouldn’t take you longer than 3 to 4 hours to cover a distance of 286.4 km from Paris to the fairy – tale medieval world of Bruges.

The best part of choosing to tour by car is that you will be afforded the luxury of, traveling in comfort and the opportunity to visit a few captivating tourist hot spots throughout the journey before you approach Bruges.

To name a few, the famous summer palace of Louis the 15th and Louis the 16th is situated in Compiegne, a town on the way to Bruges from Paris.

The castle “The Chateau de Chantilly”, located on the way is known as France’s heritage gem for its stunning structure and resplendent décor. The lavish art galleries, suite rooms and its surroundings would certainly take your breath away.

The city of Amiens is another locale you should dream to visit. It boasts of an impressive Gothic Cathedral and an arts museum inspired by Louvre.

Amiens has more to offer, from modish boutiques, marshland markets, to pathways and canals lined with trees, but visits to these are possible only if you intend to stay a day or two in lieu of a day trip.

Visiting these enthralling places would be a possibility only if you plan to tour from Paris to Bruges, by car. After all the city’s best places of interest are mostly located on the way; therefore, it would be best to travel by car.

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Paris to Bruges By Train

If you are bored of traveling by car and thereby intend to explore the country side along the route from Paris to Bruges travelling by train is the only available option.

The fastest train covering a distance of 267 kilometers takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes, and you don’t have to panic about missing a train since, for every 7 minutes there would be a train available for you.

Usually, the average rate of a single ticket starts from 20.76 dollars however, the rates vary from minute to minute therefore it is best to book your train ticket well in advance.

If you plan to be the early bird to catch its’ prey, it is advisable to be vigilant of the tickets that are generally open for booking 12 months beforehand.

You can ascertain further details including the availability of the earliest train through the Rail Europe website.

While the scenery along the route could be mesmerizing, you will still overpass the enthralling destinations found along the way, that is possible only by car.

Paris to Bruges By Bus

This is considered to be the cheapest mode of travel from Paris to Bruges and is preferred by a budget-conscious traveler. Tickets could be purchased online, on board or at the station.

Similar to train tickets, the price of a bus ticket fluctuates every minute, but usually the average cost is around 20 dollars one way, while the cheapest would cost around 15 dollars.

The downside of travelling by bus is that a typical journey directly from Paris to Bruges could take around 7 hours and 15 minutes along the 495 km route.

The thought of being stagnant in one place for 7 hours would seem inordinate in your travel itinerary. Therefore, Flixbus and BlaBlaCar are two popular bus operators you could count on if you still opt to take the bus over the private luxury of traveling by car.

However, if you are to make the most out of your holiday it is best to minimize the time spent on travelling and instead, spend more time exploring the luxuriance of the destination you travel to, therefore, it is vital to make every effort to reach the attraction, promptly.

Thus, considering the different modes of transport that are accessible to travel from Paris to Bruges, the best option would be to tour by car.

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