Paris to Brussels

How To Get from Paris to Brussels

So, are you planning on travelling from Paris to Brussels? There are quite a few ways for you to get from Paris to Brussels. This includes: by train, and by bus. However, the only direct door to door public transport option is a private taxi. We, T2 Transfer, can offer that!

The capital region of Brussels is situated towards the northern centre of Belgium. It is both the capital of Belgium and the European Union, meaning it is the centre of European culture! Additionally, this means that many languages are spoken there as well.

Although, you should probably know that the people of Brussels speak mainly French and Flemish (which is a type of Dutch).

The driving distance between Paris to Brussels is about 320 km which is equivalent to about 200 miles. This means that the travel time by a vehicle will most likely be 3 hours, but that will vary depending on traffic levels on that specific date.

The time will also depend on how many toilet breaks you take. If you ever need a toilet break during your journey, you simply have to ask the driver and he will stop at the closest stop there.

Private Taxi from Paris to Brussels

When considering a private taxi option from Paris to Brussels, T2 Transfer offers everything you need. Travelling from Paris to Brussels isn’t just any journey because it is travelling from one whole country to another which can seem quite tiring and daunting, however we will offer you a ride with comfort and style with professional and fully licensed drivers.

The comfort of the help begins at Paris, the driver will meet you at any given address, plainly recognizing themselves by holding a placard that expresses your name.

Whenever they have met you they will take you to the waiting taxi. Your gear will be securely positioned in the trunk, and in the event that you have kids set up for your trip, kid seats will be given complimentary.

The journey will require around 45 minutes and you will be dropped off precisely where you should be. In the event that you have any inquiries on the journey you can talk with the T2 Transfer driver who can actually communicate with you in either French or English.

In the event that you have any inquiries some other time you can talk with the client care group all day, every day.

Additionally, You don’t need to pay for your excursion until you show up in Brussels and for comfort you can pay in euros, dollars or pounds.

Taxi Prices From Paris to Brussels

  • 1-3 passengers – 490 euros
  • 4 passengers – 500 euros
  • 5 passengers – 510 euros
  • 6 passengers – 520 euros
  • 7 passengers – 530 euros
  • 8 passengers – 540 euros

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Transfers from Paris to Brussels by Train

Taking a train is the second fastest way to travel from Paris to Brussels. Trains traveling from Paris to Brussels depart from Paris Gare du Nord and take 1h and 30 minutes to arrive at Brussels-Midi train station.


Adult single ticket: 99 euros

Transfer from Paris to Brussels by Bus

On average the coach from Paris to Brussels duration is 4 h 15 min for the 164 miles (264 km) long route, but the travel time can vary if you depart on weekends and holidays because it all depends on traffic levels.

This way of travelling certainly will take more time however it is one of the more cheaper options.


Adult single ticket: 25 euros

As you can see there are many ways in which you can travel to brussels from Paris and if the end if you do decide to use a private taxi as your method of transport please keep T2 Transfer in your mind, because I assure you that T2 Transfer can meet your needs in the most effective and convenient way.