How to Get from Charles de Gaulle to Latin Quarter

Latin Quarter is one of the quaint cities located from a close Proximity to fascinating Paris. How the city is named as Latin Quarter is due to the wide range of using of Latin language during the medieval time.

Latin Quarter is most famous among the young people as this is the area that is sheltering large number of universities including the world-famous universities of Sorbonne University. The city is all about learning opportunities for the local and foreign students, that is full of higher education institutions, bookshops inclusive of Shakespeare and Company.

The most fascinating fact about Latin Quarter part from the educational institutes that you find all over the city the streets in the city is filled with vibrant and energetic vibe with the presence of youth and so as you will find fancy cafes, shops, restaurants and many more along side the city. Latin Quarter is a very relaxing place and is known as the 5th subdivision of French local administrative belong to a larger city.

Adding Latin Quarter to your Paris travel diaries will never disappoint your tour expectation that will allow you to enjoy something extra with unique sort of experiences that is full of distinctive charms and attractions.

Latin Quarter attracts number of tourists to the city annually who comes to explore the tourists’ hotspots including Jardin des Plantes botanical gardens and the place name Pantheon that houses the remains of famous individuals such as Marie Curie and Voltaire.

It is most like that you arrive to Latin Quarter via Charels de Gaulle international airport that is known as the closet international access to this classical metropolis.  Charles de Gaulle international airport is known as the second largest international airport in Europe region that is busy in catering more than 80 million of passenger for a year.

The airport is a little bit complicated to navigate through for the first-time visitors as it has about 3 major Terminals and 7 sub-Terminals. Arranging the transfers by using comfortable and convenient travel options will help you to save your valuable time and money and also will help you to get more than what you expect in a tour.

Take a look at the following guide and learn about best ways of arranging you trip with reliable transfer options.

Private Taxi from Charles de Gaulle to Latin Quarter

The next available option for you is getting to a private taxi. This is the only way that you have to make a direct transfer to travel right from Charles de Gaulle international airport to the place that you need to proceed in Latin Quarter.

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  • 1-3 passengers – € 75
  • 4 passengers – € 80
  • 5 passengers – € 85
  • 6 passengers – € 90
  • 7 passengers – € 95
  • 8 passengers – € 95

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Transfers from CDG Airport to Latin Quarter By Train

The first public transfer option that you get is arranging your transfer by train. Trains are one of the most popular public transfers used by many passengers for the affordable rates it offers and also the convenient transfer options available for the travelers.

However, traveling by train from Charles de Gaulle international airport to Latin Quarter would not be a comfortable travel option to consider concerning the few challenges that you may face.

First there is no direct transfers available that is connecting the two destinations. Second, you will not find frequent departures that will match your arrival timing to the airport. So as in case if you arrive by an early morning flight or a late arrival it would be challenging to make your trip on time.

Most importantly as there is no frequent departures and direct transfers available traveling with kids and elderly citizen while carrying excessive number of luggage would be challenging for you.

If you plan to make your trip by train first you have to proceed to Terminal number 2 at Charles de Gaulle international airport. You may follow the direction signs or check for a helping hand to arrive to Terminal number 2 and the train station is right under Terminal 2.

Once arriving to Terminal 2 you can get a RER B train that is proceeding to St Michele. So there is not direct train available that is taking you to Latin Quarter. Therefore, from St Michele you have to getting to a public bus or grab a quick taxi to conclude your trip that is take about 25 to 30 minutes’ drive to proceed to the location.

The total travel duration of the journey will take about 1 hour or more depending on the time that you take to exchange the transfers and the mode of transfer that you take to arrive to Latin Quarter.

Transfer from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Latin Quarter By Bus

The next available public transfer option available for you to travel from Charles de Gaulle international airport to Latin Quarter is getting to a public bus. Similar to train option that you get buses also not so convenient travel option to consider especially if you accompany little onesand elders or carrying few luggage with you.

Also, buses are not frequently available and so as if you arrive to the airport by a morning or late-night flight getting to a bus would be a nightmare as you will not find departures that are available to suit your arrival time.

The bus that you have to get from Charles de Gaulle international airport that is heading to a place name Opera Paris. Once you arrive to the location you can take a taxi or complete the rest of the journey by getting to a private taxi.

The total travel duration will take from 1 hour to two depending on the time that you take to exchange the connection or time that you take to wait for the transfers.

The cost of the journey would be 30 Euros for an adult to travel by bus.